Posted by NationalACH on Jun 02, 2021
High Risk Merchant Account

With developments in the world of finance, payment providers have turned their eyes to high-risk merchants in a bid to offer them the best payment processing solutions currently available in the market. High-risk merchants usually operate in industries that most traditional payment processors consider to have higher risk than usual. These industries usually operate with legal gray areas, age restrictions or other complications that make payment processing difficult.

Unfortunately, high-risk merchants may find it difficult to find a merchant account that meets the high-risk status of their industry. This is particularly true considering the dearth of payment processors that cater to the high-risk market. In this article we look at a few things that merchants should consider when looking for a high-risk merchant account.

Features of a High Risk Merchant

High-risk merchants usually operate in industries with the following features:

  • Legal complications and gray areas that can make payment processing difficult
  • Financial complications that may lead to reversal of payments through credit cards
  • Age restrictions

Tips to Follow When Looking for a High-Risk Merchant Account

We now mention some of the most effective tips a high risk merchant can follow when looking for a payment processing gateway.

Research Top High Risk Payment Processors

One of the most important tips you can follow is to start by researching the high-risk service providers around you. You will want a payment provider that has worked with high-risk customers in the past and has a basic idea of the needs and requirements of most high-risk merchants. Payment providers that use predatory measures to offer inflated fees to high-risk clients should best be avoided. Online reviews will help you in your quest to find the best merchant account.

Be Upfront with Account Provider

Once you have narrowed down your options and are in discussion with a high-risk merchant account provider, you should be upfront and honest about the nature of your industry and the way you deal with clients. Provide your merchant account provider with relevant examples and details if requested. You will likely be asked to provide your merchant account history, credit history and financial statements.

Choose a Payment Processor that Meets Your Needs

The payment processor you choose for your high-risk merchant account should be able to meet your needs and give you the quality of services you require without compromising on the output. Some of the most important processing services you should look out for here include POS systems, mobile payment solutions, credit card terminals, integrations and payment gateways.

Avoid Providers that Require Long Term Contracts

You should look to avoid all providers that require long term contracts, particularly for high-risk merchants. Since most merchants are unaware of the future needs and requirements of their business, a long term contract will overcomplicate things and land them in trouble. Many account providers tend to lock high-risk merchants in long-term contracts which aren’t beneficial for them.

Choose a Provider that Prioritizes Service

Finally, high-risk merchants should choose an account provider that prioritizes exceptional service standards and gives them the quality they require. Service offerings such as maintenance, 24/7 support and others of the nature can satisfy clients.


Finding a high-risk merchant account from a reliable provider is no mean feat. The complications that most payment processors take you through will more often than not land you in shaky, unreliable waters. Knowing this, it is necessary that you work with a trusted name that offers reliable services and meets the standards you have set for yourself.

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