Best High Risk Payment Processing for Sarms & Peptides Merchants

Best High Risk Payment Processing for Sarms & Peptides Merchants

Are you an ecommerce merchant selling sarms, peptides, bodybuilding supplements or research chemicals?  Looking for a proven effective way to accept payments??  You’ve landed in the right spot.  Now you have a quick and easy way to accept online payments with no risk of chargebacks or fraud.  

Sarms and peptide merchants understand how challenging it is to obtain or retain card processing accounts. 

Let’s face it.  The card brands don’t like sarms and peptides.  Virtually no US acquiring bank will accept sarms and peptide merchants.  Sure, you may be able to go offshore & get expensive accounts with big reserves, long settlement times, and no guarantees that the account will remain open.  Is it really worth the risk?

Now, you have a better option.  Go cardless.  And get more sales. 


Make It Easy for Customers to Buy Sarms and Peptides from You

Despite the card brands shunning of sarms & peptide merchants, there is a huge market demand for the products.  Customers want to buy.  And simply need an easy way to purchase from your website.

The secure online payments with  -bank transfers platform was designed specifically as a proven effective payment method for high risk merchants who find it difficult for obtain card processing accounts.   Adding secure bank transfers to your checkout page increases your profits while decreasing your payment processing risks. 

Bank transfers are the most secure online payment system available for ecommerce merchants selling sarms, peptides, body building supplements and research chemicals.  Customers easily pay you from your checkout page without divulging any financial information. Payments are like cash so there is no risk of fraudulent transactions or chargebacks.


Benefits of Secure Online Payments with Bank Transfers

Customers buying from you want sarms, peptides, bodybuilding supplements or research chemicals.  They simply need a quick & easy way to pay you. 

Bank transfers are the most secure method of paying for sarms and peptides online.  No fraud.  No chargebacks.  And complete privacy for buyers. 

  • Go Cardless.    Proven effective alternative payment method. Superb for high risk merchants that cannot obtain US card processing due to restrictions on products being sold.  Now you have domestic high-risk payment processing with no risk to you.
  • Most Secure Online Payment Method.  Payments are authorized in real time.  Once authorized, funds are guaranteed to you.
  • Privacy for Buyers.  Great payment option for customers who do not want to provide sensitive payment data when purchasing online.
  • No Chargebacks.  Eliminate card chargebacks & declines. Get rid of echeck returns & revokes.  Payments are like cash and cannot be charged back. 
  • Fast Settlements.  Funds are deposited in your bank account in 1-2 days.
  • No Reserves.  Free up your working capital. No more risk of losing reserves or waiting 6 months to get them back.  Get all your money all the time with no holdbacks.  
  • Unlimited Processing Volume.   No caps on volumes.  You can process as much as you want.
  • Protect High Risk Merchant Accounts.  If you do have a card account, secure online payments with bank transfers help reduces card chargebacks & card fraud. 
  • Simple Application.  Much easier than applying for high risk credit card processing.   
  • Fast Approvals.  Accounts are approved quickly. Speed time to market.  Rapidly get more orders.


How Secure Online Payments with Bank Transfers Works

Secure online payments with a bank transfer are like cash transactions.  Once a buyer authorizes the purchase, the payment is guaranteed to you. 

Shoppers pay you from checking or savings accounts without revealing any financial data on your site.  Bank transfers are the only secure online payment method that gives merchants real time authorization and guaranteed funds with no risk for chargebacks or fraud.

Paying for ecommerce purchases with a bank transfer does not require any customer enrollment or registration.  Customers use existing bank accounts for completely secure online payments.

  1. On your checkout page, customers choose to pay with a bank transfer. More than 98% of American banks are integrated with the platform. The shopper selects their bank and is automatically directed to the bank’s website to login. 
  2. Buyers immediately view the invoice of the sale displayed on the online bank site. The buyer authorizes the purchase.
  3. Your customers are automatically redirected back to your site where they can view and print the purchase receipt.
  4. You receive a real time authorization that payment has been made. Since funds are guaranteed, products can immediately be fulfilled. 
  5. You receive settlement funds within 1-2 business days.

Also known as “push payments” secure online payments with bank transfers are the safest ways for customers to purchase from you.  Sarms & peptide merchants are happily surprised by the number of buyers who prefer to pay with a bank transfer since privacy is guaranteed and no financial data is disclosed to the online seller.

You increase customer trust and satisfaction.  While boosting your bottom-line profits.

Get an edge on your competition by adding secure online payments with bank transfers to your checkout page. The more ways customers can pay you, the more sales you make. 


Why Secure Bank Transfers are Better than Cards?

While all types of ecommerce businesses can benefit from the payment option, it’s most helpful for companies classified as high risk for card processing. These include sarms and peptide merchants who have major challenges with obtaining or retaining card processing accounts. 

High risk merchants selling sarms, peptides, bodybuilding supplements and research chemicals traditionally have low chargebacks because buyers want the products.  However, card processing accounts are very difficult to get. 

Since there are so few high-risk credit card processing options, processing rates for card transactions are high.  Reserves are substantial, taking a big bite out of your working capital. 

High risk credit card processing accounts may or may not last for long.  And if an acquiring bank decides to exit an industry, it can be very challenging indeed to get reserves returned in a timely fashion. 

High risk ecommerce merchants also have shoppers who prefer not to divulge any financial information when purchasing a product or service online.  Bank transfers are the most secure online payment available, allowing customers to buy from you without disclosing card or bank account information. 

Sarms, peptides, bodybuilding supplements & research chemicals are classified as high risk products and on the prohibited lists for almost all US banks.  Going offshore for card processing exposes you to substantial risks.  Yet, you still need an effective way to accept ecommerce payments. 

Secure online payments with bank transfers are the solution.


Secure Online Payments Boosts Sales, Decreases Fraud, and Protects Buyers

Nearly 50% of internet shoppers worry about privacy or ID theft when buying online.  For this reason, a substantial number of online shoppers are reluctant to reveal financial information when making ecommerce purchases.  Their fears are justified by a constant stream of news reports about theft of sensitive payment data due to data breeches at retailers, ecommerce sites, government agencies, and institutions. 

Secure online payments with banks transfers alleviate shoppers’ concerns by providing buyers a safe payment method that does not require any disclosure of personal data, ensuring security for internet purchases. 

Secure online payments with bank transfers are authorized via a real time bank response.  The bank authenticates the consumer prior to authorizing the sale.

Fraud is eliminated.  Chargebacks do not happen.  And payment for the products purchased is guaranteed. 

Offering secure online payments with bank transfers also helps reduce shopping cart abandonment.  Often at checkout carts are abandoned at the point when the consumer has to enter card or bank account information.  Now, they can pay you without disclosing any financial details.  Increasing trust, resulting in more sales & profits to you. 


How to Apply for Secure Online Payments with Bank Transfers

Applying for secure online payments with bank transfers is far easier than applying for a high-risk credit card merchant account. The application process is automated.  Applications are sent electronically to you though secure servers.  Account approvals take only a few days.   

Once you decide to move forward, the application form is securely emailed to you. You complete the form and return it along with a few supporting documents. Far fewer documents than required by high risk credit card processors. 

Supporting documents include:  Color copy of driver’s license or passport; voided check from the depository account; and company formation documents such as Articles of Incorporation / LLC. 

Integration is easy.  Merchants can take advantage of plug-ins to speed time to market.  Companies processing over $100K per month are welcome to use a simple-to-install API.  


Why Choose NationalACH for Secure Online Payment Processing?

For more than 20 years, high risk merchants have successfully used our services to process ecommerce payments.  We provide a variety of payment methods, including high risk credit card processing, ACH, high risk echeck processing, and ecommerce bank transfers. 

When you add secure online payments with bank transfers to your checkout page, you expand your sales, protect your customers, and increase your profits.

Here are the main benefits to you.

  • Guaranteed Funds.  When payments are authorized by buyers, funds are guaranteed. Payments are like cash.
  • Rapid Settlements.  Streamline your cash flow.  Funds are settled to your bank account within 1-2 business days. 
  • Real Time Authorization.  Fulfill orders quickly. Satisfy consumer demands for fast delivery.
  • Most Secure Way to Pay Online.  Enhance customer trust, Shoppers pay you without revealing any sensitive card or banking information.  Privacy is protected.
  • Easy to Use.  No registration is required. Paying with a bank transfer online is as easy as any other payment method.  Yet is far more secure.
  • Bank Security Protects Against Fraud.  Safeguard your business. When customers pay through a bank account with local bank transfers, fraud is eliminated.  Chargebacks do not happen. And funds are guaranteed to you.
  • New sales. Get orders from shoppers who prefer not to reveal financial information when buying from an ecommerce site.
  • Plug-ins:  WordPress / Woo-Commerce / Shopify.  Super easy implementation. Speed time to market
  • API.  For high volume merchants that prefer direct integration to websites.

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