Financial Services Merchant Accounts

Financial Services Merchant Accounts

Need a financial services merchant account to accept payments from your customers or send money quickly?  You’ve come to the right place.  Accept payments from debit cards, credit cards, electronic checks, and same day ACH debits.  Disburse money rapidly with same day ACH credits.

  • Low Rates. Top notch technology with low rates.  Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison.
  • Fast Approvals.  Speedy account approvals get you more orders faster.
  • Multiple Payment Methods.  Accept debit & credit cards.  Add echecks or ACH and watch your profits grow.
  • Accept Payments through all Sales Channels. Integrate payments with your website or mobile app.  Use unlimited virtual terminals to process mail / phone (MOTO) payments.  Or upload large files for rapid processing of bulk payments.
  • Unlimited Recurring Billing Plans.  Make it easy for customers to pay you on a regular recurring basis.
  • PCI-DSS Payment Gateway.  Keep your business safe and protect sensitive customer information. Military grade data encryption ensures secure, compliant payment processing.
  • Automated Fraud Fighting Weapons.  Identify good transactions while rejecting fraudulent ones.
  • Chargeback Protection.  Stop chargebacks before they occur. Fight chargebacks you can win.  Offload some chargebacks back to the card brands with 3D Secure.
  • High Volume Merchant Accounts.  Get the payment processing capacity you need to manage and grow your business.
  • Extensive Bank Network.  Establish one account or multiple accounts.  Avoid dependency on a single acquiring bank to mitigate processing risk.
  • Electronic Invoicing.  Convenient and cost-saving method of billing customers.  Embed a link in the invoice to click & pay.


What is a Financial Services Merchant Account?

A financial services merchant account gives you the ability to efficiently accept electronic payments from your customers. 

Accept debit / credit card payments.  Add electronic checks / ACH to get more payments from customers that don’t have cards, are maxed out on cards, or who simply prefer to pay you with through a bank account rather than a card. 

Quickly send money with same day ACH credits.  Most cost-efficient way to send money to any US bank account.


What Types of Businesses Use Financial Merchant Accounts?

All companies accepting payments, sending payments, or both benefit from financial services merchant accounts.  Below are a few examples of the types of businesses that use our special gateway for financial services to process payments.

  • Lenders.  All lenders are welcome including installment, payday, title loan, merchant cash advance.  Accept debit / credit cards, electronic checks & same day ACH debits. Quickly disburse funds with same day ACH credits.  
  • Money Service Businesses. Online & retail money service businesses can quickly obtain a financial services merchant account.    
  • E-wallet Merchant Account. Payment processing for e-wallets including cards, echecks, ACH and “in-country” alternative payment methods preferred by international customers.
  • Debt Collection Merchant Account. Excellent payment processing solutions for high volume debt collection agencies. 
  • Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Merchant Accounts. Extensive network of US & international acquiring banks keen on processing for digital currencies.  Dealers, marketplaces & exchanges are welcome. 
  • Insurance / Stock Brokerages. Accept payments online or via mobile apps. Accept phone, fax, or mail payments with virtual terminals.  Disburse payouts rapidly and inexpensively with same day ACH credits. 
  • Precious Metals & Commodities. Quickly take ecommerce payments.  Accept phone, fax & mail orders with unlimited virtual terminals included in all accounts. 
  • Collectibles.  Accept high ticket sales through all sales channels.   
  • Professional Services.  Attorneys, brokers, accountants, and other financial professional service providers bill for their services with financial services merchant accounts. And offer recurring billing plans to make it more affordable for clients to pay on a regular basis.



The more ways customers can pay you, the more money you make.  Accept debit & credit card payments.  Add ACH / echecks processing to accept payments from bank accounts.  Speed money to customers with same day ACH credits, the lowest cost method for expedited payments. 

Debit / Credit Card Merchant Accounts

  • Accept all debit and credit cards through any sales channel. Cards are the most popular payment method for US customers.
  • Low rates based on interchange save you money on payment processing fees.
  • Quick account approvals speeds time to market.
  • High volume merchant accounts give you payment processing capacity to manage & grow your business.

ACH Debits

  • Lowest cost method of accepting payments. Save up to 90% over card processing. 
  • Same day ACH debits available for qualified merchants.
  • Good solution for merchants with low chargebacks and returns.
  • Reliable & predictable. Familiar & trusted payment method regularly used by millions of Americans.

Same Day ACH Credits

  • Everyone loves fast money. Money sent today is received today.
  • Much faster than standard ACH.
  • Lowest cost way to rapidly send money to any US bank account.
  • Huge savings compared to wire transfers.

Electronic Checks for High Risk Merchants

  • Excellent option for high risk merchants that exceed the ratios for returns / revokes required by NACHA, the governing body of the ACH network.
  • Echecks give you far greater flexibility on returns / revokes than ACH debits.
  • Transactions clear through the processor who assumes liability for returns & chargebacks. Cleared funds settle to your bank account.
  • End-to-end electronic processing protects your business bank account.


How to Apply for a Financial Services Merchant Account

Application for merchant accounts is always free with no obligation. Allow 3 days for account approval from the time the completed application file is received.

To apply, you submit an application along with information about your company.. Supporting docments include processing history, bank statements, proof of identity for the signer on the account, and Articles of Incorporation or LLC. 

Once the account is approved, the merchant identification number (MID) is issued.  Then a secure email is sent to you with login credentials.  And you can begin processing immediately. 

Free technical support and training for your staff is available included with all financial services merchant accounts. 


Domestic & International Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts for financial services are available in the United States and world-wide.  The extensive choice of financial institutions and jurisdictions lets you:

  • Apply to multiple acquiring banks simultaneously.
  • Diversify accounts to mitigate processing risk and safeguard business operations.
  • Quickly get the processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business
  • Add ACH / electronic checks for more sales from US customers.
  • Add preferred “in-country” payment methods used by international customers.

Consideration of an offshore merchant account for financial services is a prudent part of payment processing strategy for companies doing business world-wide.  Many international financial services companies diversify payment processing by establishing accounts in different geographic locations. 

International merchant accounts include high volume processing, allowing you to process as much as you desire.  Using an offshore financial service merchant account also reduces payment processing fees within your targeted markets.  And reduces foreign exchange risks.


Why Choose NationalACH for Your Financial Services Merchant Accounts?

  • High Volume Merchant Accounts. Whether you need additional processing capacity or want to diversify processing to mitigate risk, we can help. 
  • Accept Payments through All Channels. Take payments online or through your mobile apps.  Accept mail / phone orders (MOTO) with unlimited virtual terminals.  Upload large files of orders for rapid bulk processing. 
  • Multiple Payment Methods. Accept debit / credit cards.  Add ACH & echecks to get more sales from US customers. Add “in-country” alternative methods preferred by international customers.
  • Chargeback Management.  Prevent customer disputes from becoming chargebacks. Fight chargebacks you can win. Offload responsibility for chargebacks back to the card brands with 3D Secure.
  • Fraud Fighting Tools. Safeguard your business with customizable fraud-fighting weapons.
  • Serious Support. Dedicated account managers committed to your complete satisfaction.
  • Level 1 PCI DSS Financial Services Gateway.  Compliant payment processing keeps your transactions safe & secure.
  • Unlimited Recurring Billing. Make it easy & convenient for customers to pay you an a recurring basis.
  • Extensive Banking Network. Choice of acquiring banks mitigates processing risk.

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