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Recurring Billing Merchant Account

Do you want to accept recurring payments from your customers?  You’ve landed in the right place.  Quickly and easily accept debit cards, credit cards, and ACH / electronic checks payments on a regular basis with a recurring billing merchant account.  Convenient for customers.  Profitable for you.

  • Unlimited Recurring Billing Plans.  Customizable recurring billing plans automate payments and enhance your cash flow.
  • Competitive Rates.  Low rates combine with top-notch technology.  Contact us today for your no-obligation rate comparison.
  • Fast Approvals.  Rapid approvals so you get you more orders quicker.
  • All Merchants Welcome.  Businesses in all industries benefit from recurring payments. Low risk, standard risk and high risk merchants can easily establish recurring billing merchant accounts.
  • Stabilize Cash Flow.  “Set it and Forget it” recurring billing protects income. And increases the lifetime value of customers to your business.
  • Multiple Payment Methods.  The more ways you accept recurring payments, the more money you make. Recurring billing can setup for debit cards, credit cards, ACH, and electronic checks.
  • Account Updater Services.  Automatically update card data used for recurring payments. Save money, time, and labor while protecting recurring billing revenue.
  • High Volume Specialists.  Easily obtain recurring payments processing capacity needed maintain & grow your business.


What are Recurring Payments?

Another name for recurring billing is auto-pay.  Customers authorize you to charge cards or debit bank accounts to pay for goods or services on a regular, recurring basis.  Payments automatically continue until the end of the billing term or the customer cancels the service. 

Recurring billing can be used for all types of goods or services.  Americans regularly pay household bills, car loans, mortgage, rent, insurance and other monthly bills with autopay.  As a result, recurring billing is a trusted, familiar, and popular payment method for US consumers. 

All types of businesses use recurring billing models.  Common examples of recurring payments are subscriptions and memberships, entertainment, repayment of loans, property management, and health clubs.  Yet, businesses selling any type of product or service can benefit from recurring payments, particularly if the amount of the payment remains the same over a period of time.

Recurring billing is also effective for installment payments, making it easier for consumers to pay for higher ticket items.  An example of this is “3 easy monthly payments of $99.95”.  This is useful for all types of businesses.   In fact, even doctors, dentists, and other professionals offer recurring payments for services which are not covered by insurance. 

Recurring billing ensures prompt payments, protects cash flow, and decreases billing and collection expenses through automation.  Recurring payments also increases your customer base and ensures customer satisfaction by making it affordable and convenient for customers to do business with you.


Recurring Billing Merchant Account Features / Benefits

Unlimited customizable recurring payment plans are included on recurring billing merchant accounts.  Accept recurring payments through all sales channels by setting up easy payment plans for your customers.   

Consumers can authorize recurring payments when purchasing online.  Or your customer service representatives can setup recurring payments by mail or phone (MOTO) using virtual terminals.  Or customers can give consent for recurring payments through written or digital authorization.

  • Multiple billing profiles.  Great option that lets buyers select the payment plan that is best for them. For instance, offer monthly plans at one rate and weekly plans at another rate.   
  • Different initial and recurring amounts. Different values can be specified for the first payment and subsequent billings. Offer special rates or trial periods.  Or larger down payments on products followed by smaller payments for installment billing. 
  • Configurable time frames.  The duration of billing terms can be set up for any time period, from a single payment to on-going payments until the customer cancels.
  • Automatic re-billing. Transactions can be automatically retransmitted if not successful the first time.  Protects income, particularly when used in conjunction with our card updater service.
  • Robust cloud reporting.  Manage & control your recurring payment transactions.  Extensive customizable reporting included for all recurring billing plans.


Tokens Keep Debit /Credit Card Recurring Payments Safe

Tokens protect sensitive card information from data breaches.  When a card payment is received, card and customer data is replaced with randomly generated unique tokens.  The tokens associated with the payments are stored in the secure vault inside the recurring payment processing gateway.  Recurring billing cycles use the encrypted tokens rather than card data for payments.

In these days of data breaches, identify theft and fraud, protecting your customers with tokens is important.  Moreover, with tokens, you eliminate the need to store card data, safeguarding your business and ensuring compliant payment processing.


Account Updater Service for Debit / Credit Card Recurring Payments

More than 20% of US credit & debit cards are reissued each year. Cards are reissued for many reasons including lost / stolen cards, data breaches, expired card dates, and bank mergers.  Regardless of the reason, card data must be updated for a recurring card payment to be approved. 

Advanced payment processing technology is now available which automates the process of updating card data.  When a card is declined, the updater service connects to card issuing bank to obtain the details on the reissued card.  Once the card data is updated, the recurring payments continue without interruption.

  • Save time, labor & costs required for manual updates.
  • Stabilize cash flow. Recurring payments continue without risk of lost revenue. 
  • Lifetime value of customers increases.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction.

Account updater services are exceptionally helpful.  Still, the service will not be able automatically update some cards.  In these instances, you may need to reach out to customers to obtain the updated card information.


Benefits of ACH / Electronic Checks for Recurring Payments

Many businesses with recurring billing models discover that ACH and electronic check payments protect cash flow better than card payments.  Recurring payments debited from bank accounts prevent revenue leakage because bank debits are more stable than card payments. The reason is easy to understand.

Bank accounts rarely change.  It’s a major hassle to change bank accounts.  Most Americans receive direct deposit of wages to bank accounts.  And pay recurring household bills through ACH debits from banks accounts. 

Since bank accounts remain stable over time, there is seldom a need to update payment information. Revenues streams continue to flow without interruption.

Remember, the more ways customers can pay you, the more money you make. It’s simply smart business for all companies with recurring billing models accept debit / credit cards plus ACH / electronic checks as payment methods. 

In addition, ACH and echecks are not subject to card interchange fees.  As a result, processing fees can be up 50- 90% less than card payments, depending on the type of business.


Applying for Recurring Payments Merchant Accounts

Application for recurring billing merchant accounts is always free with no obligation.  Accounts are approved in 1-3 days. 

To apply, you submit an application along with supporting documentation about your company.  Supporting documents include color copy of ID for signer on account, bank statements, processing history, voided check from depository account, and business formation documents.

It’s helpful if the signer on the recurring billing merchant account has good personal credit.  If credit not great, consider adding a co-signer with good credit to ensure account approval. 

When the application package is received, the underwriting team verifies the information on the application form.  Then, supporting documents are reviewed.

Once your recurring payments merchant account is approved, your MID (merchant identification number) is issued.  You receive a secure login to the recurring billing gateway.  And you can begin processing immediately.


Why Choose NationalACH for Recurring Payments?

Businesses throughout the world establish and diversify recurring billing merchant accounts with us.  Here are some of the reasons.   

  • Multichannel Payment Processing.  Recurring payments can be set up through all sales channels.  Easily accept recurring payments on your website or mobile apps.  Unlimited virtual terminals to setup recurring payments for mail / phone orders (MOTO).  Accept mobile payments.  Or establish recurring billing plans through written or digital consent from customers.  
  • Unlimited Customizable Payment Plans.  Convenient billing plans makes it easy for customers to pay for subscriptions, memberships, goods & services, and installment payments
  • Safeguard Your Business.  Recurring billing information is encrypted & safely secured in the gateway vault, eliminating the need for you to store sensitive payment data. 
  • Level1 PCI-DSS Recurring Billing Gateway.  Ensures compliant payment processing while providing you military-grade security for recurring payments.
  • Serious Customer Service. Highly trained representatives give you the support you need when you need it. 
  • High Risk Merchants Welcome. Businesses in all industries, including high risk merchants, are welcome to apply.
  • Extensive Banking Network.  Set up a single recurring payment account.  Or establish more than one account to mitigate processing risks.

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