Increase Your Profits with ACH Payments

ACH – ECheck Processing

The more ways customers can pay you, the more money you make. ACH electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for Americans.  An ACH account gives your customers a convenient way to pay you through a bank account rather than using a card.

  • Low Rates. ACH electronic check processing rates are significantly lower than card merchant accounts.
  • Fast Approvals. Speed time to market. Get more orders quicker.
  • High Volume ACH Accounts. Obtain the electronic check processing capacity you need to successfully grow your business.
  • ACH Echeck Verification. Keep returns low and reduce ACH processing expenses.
  • Ecommerce. Accept checks online. Adding ACH echecks to your checkout page is a fast way to increase sales.
  • Accept Checks by Phone & Mail.  Unlimited virtual terminals for rapid processing of telephone & mail orders (MOTO) are a standard feature with all ACH accounts.
  • Bulk Processing. Upload large ACH echeck payment files for fast processing.
  • Recurring Billing.  ACH echecks are superior to cards for recurring payments.
  • Cloud Reporting. Robust reporting in multiple formats.  Quickly track all transactions. Management of ACH echeck payments is a breeze.

What is an ACH Electronic Check?

ACH echecks give you the ability to direct debit your customers bank accounts on a one-time or recurring basis.  At checkout, customers provide bank routing and account numbers rather than card numbers. Funds settle to your bank account in a similar way as card payments. 

ACH echecks are the most cost-effective method way process payments.  Rates are far lower than card payments.  Same day ACH echecks are now available.  Quicker processing times make ACH echecks more attractive than ever before. 

ACH echecks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers.  The ACH network is the oldest, largest & most reliable electronic funds transfer system in the US.  Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods and services with electronic checks.

Increase Profits with ACH Accounts

More than 95% of American households have bank accounts and can pay you with an ACH echeck.  You’ll be happily surprised at the number of buyers who chose to pay through a bank account rather than a card.   Capture more sales from shoppers that do not have cards, are maxed on cards, or who simply prefer to pay through bank accounts.

Adding ACH echecks to your payment options helps rescue sales.  If a card declines, rescue the sale by offering ACH electronic checks as an alternative payment option.

Merchants that accept electronic check payments report sales “lifts” of 10-30% simply by adding ACH payment processing to their checkout options.  Increase your orders with no additional work. 

ACH merchant accounts save you money.  Rates for ACH payment services are less expensive than card payments.  Therefore, you reduce your cost of sales for each order paid for with electronic checks instead of cards.

ACH Echecks for Ecommerce & MOTO Merchants

More than 30% of ecommerce sites already display pay by echeck online on the checkout page.  Don’t risk losing a sale simply because you don’t have an echeck payment option.  And when you accept echecks online, you gain an edge over competitors who do not. 

When you accept a check online, a customer pays you through a bank account instead of a card.  As a result, you capture more orders from customers who don’t have cards or are maxed out on cards.  And some shoppers simply prefer to pay with an electronic check rather than a card. 

Same day ACH echecks now offer you faster payments.  Prior to the availability of same day ACH echecks, standard ACH was the only echeck option for ecommerce and MOTO merchants. 

Standard ACH was too slow for many ecommerce merchants because it took up to 4 days to confirm that an electronic check transaction cleared.  Which meant merchants had to wait days before shipping.  This was challenging to ecommerce merchants because modern customers are used to receiving orders quickly.

With the introduction of same day ACH online check processing everything changed.  Now ecommerce & MOTO merchants can confidently ship orders paid by electronic checks within a day. 

ACH Echecks Beat Cards for Recurring Payments

ACH payment processing protects revenues from recurring billing far better than cards. Bank accounts rarely change. 

Changing bank accounts is a big hassle.  Most Americans have wages direct deposited to bank accounts.  And household bills directly debited from the bank accounts.  Due to the inconvenience associated with changing banks, ACH payments are extremely stable over time. 

Compare this with cards.  More than 20% of debit & credit cards are reissued each year.  Cards expire, are lost or stolen, or are reissued due to card data security breaches.

It takes time and effort to update card data.  And, despite your best efforts, you may not be able to obtain the updated card data from customers.  Resulting in lost recurring billing revenue.

Additionally, ACH echeck payments are much harder for customers to dispute than card payments.  And have a much shorter time period in which to dispute a payment compared to card transactions.

Unlimited recurring billing plans are included in every ACH merchant account.  “Set it and forget it” recurring payments continue uninterrupted until the customer cancels or the payment term ends.

ACH payments protect cash flow and increase the lifetime value of customers to your business.  And ensure uninterrupted continuation of services or delivery of products to your customers, resulting in a more satisfying customer experience.

Applying for Your ACH Account

Applying for ACH electronic check processing is always free, with no obligation.  Account approval takes 3-5 business days.

You submit an application along with supporting documentation about your company. Supporting documents include: Color copy of ID for signer on account, current bank statements, payment processing statements (if available), voided check from the depository account, and business formation documents.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to have a signer on the account with good personal credit.  If credit is not great, adding a co-signer with good credit will help get the account approved. 

If you plan to accept echecks online, review your website.  Verify all pages load quickly and display properly.  Privacy, return, and shipping information should be clearly displayed, along with customer service contacts and other relevant information. 

If you do not have a website, include marketing materials, pricing lists, sample of sales agreements or an executive overview in your application package.  This enables the underwriting team to lean about the goods or services being sold, along with the terms and conditions associated with the transaction.

It’s a common practice for underwriters to conduct internet searches for reviews on a company or its owners.  Google this information for yourself so you know what’s being said.  

Of course, no company has perfect reviews.  Still, if you run into less than favorable comments, respond politely & professionally.  This small step demonstrates that you care about customer service and your online reputation.

Once the application is approved, the ACH account ID is issued. Your login credentials to the are sent to you.  And you can start processing immediately.


Why Chose National ACH for ACH Payment Processing?

The following are reasons companies use our ACH payment processing platform to for echeck payments. 

  • Decrease Expenses. ACH echecks are less expensive than cards.  Save money by eliminating card interchange fees.
  • High Volume Capacity.Once your ACH merchant account is approved, you can process as much volume as you need.
  • When you offer customers the option to pay by check online, you get more sales, increasing your profits. 
  • MOTO Electronic Check Payments.Unlimited virtual terminals are a standard feature in all echeck merchant accounts.  Easily accept telephone, email, fax, and mail orders. 
  • High Volume Payment Processing.Upload large files of ACH echeck orders to secure servers for rapid bulk processing.
  • Electronic Check Verification.Verify routing, account numbers and other data fast. Lower return rates while reducing ACH account processing fees.  Quickly identify good ACH electronic check orders and decline bad ones.   
  • Superior Customer Service.Get the answers you need when you need it.  Experienced highly trained representatives are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. 
  • Recurring Billing. ACH echecks are perfect for recurring payments. Convenient for customers. Profitable for you. 
  • Competitive Rates.Low rates help keep your ACH processing expenses under control.   

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