Check By Phone

Check By Phone

Accept Check by Phone Payments

  • Easy Way to Increase Revenues
  • Fast Account Approval with Low Rates
  • Virtual Terminal Simplifies Order Processing

Many shoppers prefer to call you to order. Accepting check by phone payments gives customers another convenient way to purchase from you.  Orders are securely entered into into a virtual terminal. Payments are automatically debited from the buyers’ bank accounts and deposited to your business bank account.  An email receipt of the transaction can be sent to the customer. 

Accept Checks by Phone. Convenient for Customers.  Profitable for You.

Capture More Sales.  Get additional sales from customers who do not have cards or are maxed out on cards. And many shoppers simply prefer to pay you through a bank account rather than a card.

Satisfy More Customers. Over 90% of all US households have bank accounts and can take advantage of a check by phone payment option.  Check by phone can be used to accept payments from savings, checking, personal or corporate accounts.

Last Minute Payments. Check by phone is a good way for customers to make last minute payments and avoid late fees.  Perfect for any type of bill payment.  Billers can add a “convenience fee” for check by phone transactions to cover payment processing costs.

Shorten Collection Times. If you collect overdue accounts receivables, ask customers to give you a check by phone. Get rid of excuses such as “the check is in the mail.”

Multi-Channel Payment Processing. All check by phone accounts includes the ability for you to accept checks online. Your customers can pay through your website or you can take an electronic check by phone.

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