Direct Response Merchant Account

What is Direct Marketing?

The goal of direct response marketing is get an immediate response from targeted customers. Direct marketing companies want their targeted audiences to place orders fast online, by phone, or through the mail.  One of the best examples of direct marketing are TV infomercials that seduce viewers to take action with “limited time offers” or to buy “before time runs out.” 

Direct response advertising is trackable & measurable. You know exactly which ads and media types result in sales.  Advertising targets a niche market with copy written to appeal to a specific type of prospect using proven sales strategies and “value-packed” offers.  


Types of Direct Sales

Direct marketing advertising appears everywhere.  We are all targeted online with direct advertisements based on our search history.  Radio & TV direct sales have been hugely successful for years.  Direct advertising by mail is still popular. 

Sometimes the call to action (particularly for high priced products) is to have the prospect “click here for more” or to request a report.  Or encourage a prospect to call in inbound call center for more information.  This gives the direct marketing company the opportunity to continue to work the customer until a sale results.

Regardless of the media used to induce prospects to buy, direct marketing companies need effective payment processing to accept orders. 


Payment Processing for the Direct Marketing Industry

Direct response businesses need to accept payments quickly and efficiently. Accept debit & credit cards.  Expand your sales with electronic check processing, which gives  customers the ability pay you through a bank account instead of a card.

Accept payments through all marketing channels. 

  • Take orders online. Easily integrate payment processing to your website.
  • Quickly process phone & mail orders through a virtual terminal
  • Quickly process MOTO payments through a virtual terminal.
  • Automate bulk payments with batch file uploads.
  • One time & recurring payments. Recurring billing lets your customers pay you on an on-going or installment basis. 
  • Cloud reporting streamlines management and reconciliation of all transactions.


Applying Your Direct Response Merchant Account

Application for accounts is always free, with no obligation.  High volume and high risk merchants are welcome.

  • Level 1 PCI-DSS gateway exceeds the most stringent standards for processing security.
  • High volume direct response merchant accounts provide you the processing capacity you need
  • Extensive banking network ensures account approval
  • Establish multiple accounts to mitigate processing risks.
  • Verification services keep chargebacks & returns low.
  • Free technical support.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Dedicated account managers committed to your success.

Let Us Work for You

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At National ACH, we’ve done our homework on payments. Use our expertise to get the payment processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business. Our “niche” market is high risk & high volume payment processing. Yet, standard risk merchants also benefit from our services. We are always happy to talk with you, with no obligation. Discover top notch service along with the iron-clad secure processing solutions you are looking for. Payments power your business success.


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