Same Day ACH

 Send Payments Faster with Same Day ACH

Same day ACH debits and same day ACH credits are the most cost-effective way to receive and send payments quickly.  Everyone wants faster payments.  Now you have it with same day ACH.

  • Low Rates. Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison.
  • Fast Approvals. Start accepting same day ACH quickly and watch your profits grow.
  • Multi-Channel Payments. Accept same day ACH online.  Virtual terminals for MOTO transactions.  Upload large files for rapid same day ACH payment processing.
  • Same Day ACH Account Verification. Reduce return rates & protect cash flow.
  • High Volume Processing. Specializing in high volume same day ACH payments.  Special same day ACH rates are available for high volume merchants.
    • Recurring Billing. Same day ACH is a perfect fit for recurring payments for memberships, subscriptions and for products shipped on a regular basis.
    • Cloud Reporting. Quick tracking of all same day ACH payments.  Robust reporting data on all same day ACH transactions makes management a breeze.


What is Same Day ACH?

The ACH network is the largest and most reliable money transfer system in the United States.  With the introduction of same day ACH debits & ACH credits, it’s now faster than ever for you to use the ACH network to send and receive payments. 

ACH credits have long been used to send payments to affiliates, employees, vendors, contractors, and anybody else needing to be paid electronically.  Many Americans receive direct deposit of wages through the ACH network

ACH debits are widely used for payments of goods & services offered through all sales channels.  Millions of Americans regularly use the ACH network to pay household bills and buy goods & services.  ACH electronic checks are a familiar and trusted payment option for US consumers.

Standard ACH payments, while reliable and cost effective, were often considered too slow for the modern world.  Although the ACH network is still not “real time”, same day ACH payments are processed significantly faster than standard ACH transactions. 

Same day ACH are deducted from bank accounts or credited to bank accounts the same day when transactions are submitted by file cut off times.  And with same day ACH credits money is received the same day as sent when the transaction is submitted by file cut off times. 

Cut off time for same day ACH credits & ACH debits currently are 2:45 EST.  Beginning in 2021, the cut-off time for will be extended to 4:45 PST.  Transactions received after cut off times are processed the next business day.

It’s as true as ever that “time is money.” Get started with same day ACH processing today.


What Types of Businesses Benefit from Same Day ACH Payments?

There’s no time like today to start receiving and sending money faster.  Same day ACH processing is available companies in all industry types.  Any business that needs to receive or send payments quickly on a regular basis can benefit from same day ACH payments.

All types of businesses use same day ACH including retailers; financial services companies; eCommerce; mail & telephone order (MOTO); lenders; service providers; utilities; property management; billing companies; payroll firms; marketplaces … the list is endless.  If you want to send or receive money fast, same day ACH is the way to go.

Standard ACH credits and debits are still available, of course.  Yet, there’s no doubt the world is moving to same day ACH money transfer.  Same day ACH pricing is very similar to standard ACH while providing you the added benefit of speedier money transfer.

The ACH network is the safest & most reliable electronic funds transfer system in America.  Same day ACH pricing provides you the lowest cost way to send & receive money quickly.  Put the ACH network to work for you today. 


Same Day ACH Debits for Ecommerce and MOTO Merchants

Savvy business owners understand that the more payment methods you accept, the more orders you receive.  Naturally, accepting debit & cards is important.  Yet ACH echecks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers.  Merchants accepting ACH echecks report sales “lifts” up to 30% simply by offering customers another way to pay. 

ACH echecks give customers the opportunity to pay you through an electronic debit from a bank account rather than with a card.  Allowing you to capture more sales from customers who don’t have cards, are maxed out on cards, or who simply prefer to pay you through a bank account rather than a card. 

Prior to same day ACH, only standard ACH was available for ecommerce and MOTO merchants.  Standard ACH was often considered to be too slow because it took up to 4 days to receive confirmation that the transaction cleared.  This was too long to wait before shipping for many ecommerce & MOTO merchants whose customers are used to receiving orders quickly.

Same day ACH debits has changed everything.  Ecommerce & MOTO merchants can now confidently ship orders paid by same ACH echecks within a day. 


Advantages of Same Day ACH Credits

Same day ACH credits now surpass wire transfers as the payment option of choice when money needs to be sent & received quickly.  Same day ACH credits save you up to 90% over wire transfers.  And same day ACH fees are the lowest cost method for expedited money transfer. 

Same day ACH credits give you a big competitive advantage when fast payment is needed.  Send up to $25,000 per transaction to any US bank account. 

Detailed remittance information is provided for easy tracking.  Cloud reporting lets you view all transaction data in a variety of formats.  Multiple processing options satisfy all industries

Same day ACH credits are great for payouts of any kind.  Send money to: employees, affiliates, contractors, vendors, suppliers.  Use same day ACH credits for emergency payments; off-cycle disbursements; corrections; payouts; time critical/due-date payments; and fast transfer of money between bank accounts.


Why Chose National ACH for Same Day ACH Payment Processing?

The following are reasons businesses use our same day ACH payment processing platform to send and receive money quickly.

  • High Volume Capacity. Once your same day ACH processing account is approved, you can process as much volume as you need.
  • Accept Payments Online. Accept same day ACH payments online with a simple-to-install API.  Great for ecommerce, billers, or any company that wants to offer customers a convenient way to pay.
  • MOTO Payments. Unlimited virtual terminals are included in every same day ACH processing account to accept telephone, email, fax, and mail orders. 
  • Bulk Payment Processing. Upload large same day ACH files to secure servers for fast processing.
  • Echeck Verification . Verify routing, account numbers and other data quickly. Keeps returns low and reduces same day ACH fees.  Quickly identify good same day ACH electronic check orders and decline bad ones.   
  • Superior Customer Service. Get the answers you need from highly trained representatives dedicated to your success. 
  • Recurring Billing.Same day ACH is great for recurring payments. Convenient for subscription or memberships.  Or split higher cost items into smaller installment payments. 
  • Competitive Rates. Transparent rates help keep your same day ACH processing expenses under control.   

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