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The world is quickly becoming one big marketplace.  US merchants want to get more international customers.  International companies want access to the robust US eCommerce market.  Get global eCommerce merchant accounts for card processing through an extensive network of domestic & international acquiring banks. Boost US sales up to 20% with ACH & echecks, the most popular alternative payment method for American shoppers. Add country specific local payments to get more sales from international buyers.

Global payment processing services include:

  • Card processing through an vast network of US and international banks.  
  • Electronic checks are a trusted payment method proven to increase orders from US shoppers.  Accept payments from customers’ bank accounts rather than cards.
  • International alternative payments.  Country specific alternative payment methods preferred by global shoppers.  


ACH / eChecks Boost US Sales

In the US, electronic debits from bank accounts are the most popular alternative payment method.  More than 30% of eCommerce sites targeting US customers offer a bank debit payment option. ACH / eChecks electronically debit payments from customers’ bank accounts. Funds are automatically settled to your business bank account.

Increase Profits

  • Get sales from customers who don’t have cards or are maxed out on cards.
  • Capture orders from buyers who simply prefer to pay with an electronic check rather than a card.
  • Rescue sales that otherwise would be lost. Card decline?  Give customers another way to pay you.
  • Maintain a competitive edge. Don’t risk losing a sale to your competition.


Multi-currency Payments for Global Ecommerce

Multi-currency processing is a standard feature on all global eCommerce merchant accounts. Displaying prices in the local currency of the shopper increases trust and results in more orders.  Payments and settlement of processing funds are available in all major world currencies.   

  • Increase global sales. Customers shop & pay in their own currency. Boost conversion rates. 
  • Decrease chargebacks. Customers recognize the purchase on their card or bank statement.
  • Manage all processing through a single dashboard.
  • Sell in 156 currencies.  
  • Receive settlements in 25 currencies.    

Alternative Payment Methods for Global Ecommerce

International markets offer unprecedented growth opportunities for companies throughout the world.  As domestic markets stabilize, growing economies are driving shoppers online as never before.  Global shoppers want to buy American products.  US shoppers are eager to purchase directly from companies world-wide.

As you plan your global eCommerce expansion, investigate your targeted markets.  Discover what payment methods are preferred by local shoppers buying online.  Add those payment options to your checkout page. 

Accepting card payments is important for all merchants that want to target the lucrative US eCommerce market.  Cards are popular in Canada, UK, Japan and other countries as well. Global eCommerce merchants are always wise to have a card payment option at checkout.

Still, consumers in many countries prefer local payments. For example, internationally local bank transfers are used by 1.6 billion online banking customers in 31 countries world-wide.  Figure out how your target market likes to pay.  Then add that payment option to your checkout page. 


Why Choose National ACH for Your Global Ecommerce Electronic Payment Processing? 

Over the past 15 years we have established international merchant accounts for companies and payment service providers throughout the world.  Put our expertise to work for you.      

  • Application is free, with no obligation.
  • Multi-currency processing. Accept payments & receive settlements in all major currencies.
  • Extensive network of banks ensures account approval for all businesses, including high risk merchants.
  • Reduce processing expenses by taking advantage of intra-regional rates
  • Dedicated account manager dedicated to your on-going support.
  • High volume processing specialists. Get the processing capacity you need for your business.
  • Accept payments on your website with an easy-to-install API.
  • Virtual terminal for fast processing of MOTO transactions.
  • Fully compliant processing platform safeguards your business.
  • Free technical assistance.
  • 24/7 customer support


Let Us Work for You

Your Success is Our Mission

At National ACH, we’ve done our homework on payments. Use our expertise to get the payment processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business. Our “niche” market is high risk & high volume payment processing. Yet, standard risk merchants also benefit from our services. We are always happy to talk with you, with no obligation. Discover top notch service along with the iron-clad secure processing solutions you are looking for. Payments power your business success.


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