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Online Payment Gateway 

Payment gateways are secure connections through which transactions are transmitted to banking networks for authorizations and settlements.  Our eCommerce payment gateways are used by companies in the United States and businesses world-wide.

  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant Processing. Military grade encryption surpasses the most stringent security standards required for compliant payment processing.  Protect your business and your customers.
  • Specialists in High Volume Processing.  Online payment gateway of choice for high volume merchants that need fast, reliable processing. Sophisticated technology ensures 100% throughput for optimal transaction processing outcomes.
  • Secure Payments for High Risk Merchants.  Preferred payment gateway high risk merchants.  The ecommerce gateway includes fraud protection, load balancing and many other features which help protect high risk merchant accounts while reducing processing risk.
  • Robust Cloud Reporting.  Feature-rich reporting for quick access to all transactions.  Includes extensive customizable management reports in a variety of formats.
  • Board Multiple Merchant Accounts on a Single Gateway.  Centralized control panel to view and manage all merchant accounts from a single dashboard. Account reporting, management & reconciliation is a breeze.
  • International Payment Gateways.  International ecommerce payment gateways are perfect for US merchants targeting global customers.  And for international merchants that sell world-wide.  Multicurrency processing is included as a standard feature.
  • Load Balancing.  Automatically route transactions to multiple payment processors based on volumes, products, and other criteria.
  • Recurring Billing.  Unlimited customized recurring payment plans.  Convenient for customers.  Profitable for you.
  • Fraud Protection Weapons.  Quickly accept good orders.  Decline fraudulent transactions. Set aside questionable orders for manual review.
  • CRM / Shopping Carts/ Accounting Systems.  The ecommerce payment gateway is already integrated with most major CRM, shopping carts, and accounting systems.  Saving you development time and money.
  • Hierarchical Access.  Keeps your business safe by enhancing internal security. Give your employees access only to the functions needed to do their jobs.


What is an Ecommerce Payment Gateway?

MOTO and ecommerce merchant accounts have two parts.  One part is the merchant account itself.  The second part is a payment gateway. 

Ecommerce merchant accounts are established with acquiring banks.  Once a MOTO or ecommerce merchant account is approved by the bank, you are authorized to accept card payments.  The first part your merchant account is then done.

The payment gateway is the second part. 

Ecommerce payment gateways are the connections through which transactions are encrypted and submitted to the secure banking network for authorization, settlement and reporting. Results of a transaction (approved, declined) are returned within seconds.  Some ecommerce gateways also let you accept other payment methods such as as ACH, electronic checks, cryptocurrency, and other types of payments. 


How Secure Payment Processing Gateways Protect You

Online payment gateways are Level 1 PCI-DSS certified, the highest level of payment processing security available.  PCI-DSS is an acronym for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.  The card brands require that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. 

When you use a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway much of the responsibility for PCI compliance is offloaded to the credit card payment gateway.  For instance, rather than storing card information at your business, the gateway encrypts the transaction and processes the payments. 

Using military grade encryption. sensitive card data is converted to “tokens”.  The tokens are used for either one-time or recurring transactions.  For merchants with recurring payment models, the tokens are stored in the secure vault inside the payment gateway.  Tokens are then used for recurring payments, rather than the card data itself. 

As a result, there is no need for you to store or transmit sensitive card data.  Transactions are processed securely and safely through the online payment gateway.  Keeping your business compliant with PCI-DSS requirements.

The credit card payment gateway also eliminates your risk and responsibility for data breaches, which can be disastrous to businesses.  Data breaches in which sensitive payment information has been compromised are increasingly common, as indicated in numerous news reports about the problem.  Using a credit card payment gateway is the simplest and most cost-efficient way to protect your business from loss, expense, and negative publicity which can result with data breaches..

Another benefit of a credit card payment gateway service is the reduction or elimination of expenses of managing payment processing systems in-house.  Credit card payment gateways are easily integrated with accounting systems and other platforms for smooth exchange of payment data.  Thereby increasing productivity while mitigating processing risk. 


What is a High Risk Payment Gateway?   

Although a credit card payment gateway is used by all types of businesses, it includes features that are particularly valuable to high risk merchants.

Companies classified as high risk frequently have more than one merchant account.  Diversification of acquiring banks is a smart strategy to reduce risk.  Acquiring banks can change underwriting policies which means certain industries may longer be acceptable by a bank.  Multiple merchant accounts ensure that payment processing continues uninterrupted.

But, it is an administrative nightmare to manage multiple accounts if each account has a separate gateway.  A more efficient approach is using a single high risk processing gateway to control all accounts. 

High risk payment gateways accommodate unlimited numbers of both domestic and international merchant accounts.  All accounts are managed from a central dashboard.  Accounts can be viewed individually, globally, or in any combination, vastly simplifying management, account reconciliation, customer service, and other functions. 

Load balancing between multiple accounts is a standard feature on high risk payment gateways.  Load balancing lets high risk merchants easily route transactions between different accounts. 

Load balancing on the high risk payment gateway can be done automatically.  Alternatively, you can manually control the process.   Both options let you define set rules which direct transactions to particular acquirers, based on specific criteria.

Ecommerce Payment Gateways Help Prevent Fraud

Fraud prevention is vital to all companies.  Whether you are a standard or high risk merchant, the fraud fighting weapons in the payment gateway help you identify good orders, decline bad ones, or set aside questionable ones for manual review.   

Hundreds of transaction validation tests are performed on all transactions with results returned within seconds.  Extensive searches of multiple databases are searched  databases provide extra levels of safety.  Customizable fraud-fighting filters and rules are easily modified to accommodate changing market conditions.  You can easily modify your parameters for accepting and rejecting transactions.

Automated tools boost approval rates while lowering costs.  Fraud prevention tools include:  order velocity monitoring; buyers’ use of multiple payment types and brands: risk scoring models; card verification; device fingerprinting with packet signature inspection; telephone confirmation / reverse phone look-ups; positive / negative consumer data from merchants worldwide; prevention of identity morphing; address verification; IP geolocation; consumer history of initiating chargebacks; internal positive / negative / review lists; accept / block strategies; methods to minimize international fraud; consolidated data reviews and audit trails; detect system intrusions and reconstruct events and much more.

International Payment Gateway

In addition to US acquiring banks, our ecommerce payment gateways are integrated with acquiring banks globally.  The rapid growth of global ecommerce provides businesses unprecedented opportunity to expand beyond national borders.   Savvy international shoppers are eager to purchase from US ecommerce sites.  And international businesses want to get more orders from US buyers..

Multi-currency processing is important for companies that use international payment gateways.  Buyers want to see prices displayed in local currencies.  Keeping shoppers focused on purchasing rather than currency conversion is simply good business.

Multi-currency processing is the fastest way to increase orders from global shoppers.  Accept payments in 160 currencies.  Receive settlements in all major world currencies. 


Recurring Payments Automate Cash Flow

Many businesses companies have recurring billing models.  The ecommerce payment gateway accommodates an unlimited number of recurring payment plans.  Businesses that sell memberships, subscriptions, or auto ship products on a regular basis all offer recurring billing.  Recurring payments also are a good way to offer installment payments for higher ticket items. 

Quickly customize recurring billing to meet the needs of your customers and your business.  “Set it and forget it” recurring billing remains in place until the end of the payment period or until the customer cancels the service.

Recurring payments for ecommerce can be established through an API; virtual terminal for MOTO transactions; mobile devices; or batch uploads for bulk processing.


Fast Ecommerce Payment Gateway Integration

Feature rich API simplifies integration and implementation of the ecommerce payment gateway.  API integration documentation is available in multiple programming languages.

Companies with specialized payment processing needs save time and reduce expenses by accessing the developer’s library. Take advantage of existing applications which can be quickly customized to fit your exact payment processing needs.

The online payment gateway is already integrated with most major CRM, shopping carts, and accounting systems, speeding time to market.  The ecommerce payment gateway is easily integrated with a business’s internal systems.  Fast exchange of payment data between platforms boosts productivity.  And eases the need to manage payment processing data between multiple platforms. 


Secure Payment Gateway Services for Multichannel Processing

Online payment gateways can be used to process payments received through any sales channels. 

  • Ecommerce merchants use payment gateways to accept orders online.
  • MOTO (mail / phone orders) are quickly processed through virtual terminals. Unlimited virtual terminals are included with an online payment gateway.
  • Apps, software, and business applications seamlessly integrate with the ecommerce payment gateways.
  • Payments from mobile phones & devices are processed through the online payment gateway.
  • Retail businesses often use secure payment gateways instead of card terminals at point of sale.

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