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Searching for eCommerce payments so you can easily sell online?  You’ve landed in the right spot.  NationalACH provides online credit card processing & eCommerce payment methods to businesses in the US and worldwide.

  • Low Rates.  Contact us now for a no obligation rate comparison. Grow your business with low rates and top-notch technology.
  • Fast Approvals.  Rapid approvals quickly get you more sales.
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Online Credit Card Processing Gateway.  Military-grade security exceeds the most stringent standards for compliant eCommerce payment processing.
  • Extensive Network of Banks. Get a single online credit card processing account. Or establish multiple eCommerce payment accounts to offset processing risk.
  • Fraud Fighting Weapons.  Protect your business and your customers.
  • Chargeback Protection.  Chargeback warning services help prevent chargebacks before they occur.  Chargeback mitigation systems assist in fighting chargebacks you can win. Add 3D Secure to offload liability for some chargebacks back to the card brands.
  • Superb Support.  Experienced customer service representatives provide you the help you need when you need it.


Ecommerce Payments to Sell Online

The lighting fast expansion of companies that sell online eCommerce transformed how goods & services are sold.  Almost 2 billion people, or 25% of the worlds’ population buy from businesses that sell online.  Ecommerce payments represent 14% of total retail sales.

The need for eCommerce credit card processing continues to accelerate as the internet becomes the preferred method of shopping worldwide.

Consumers in the United States and globally routinely turn to businesses that sell online to purchase what they want.  The card brands aggressively market worldwide to increase the number of cards in circulation.  As a result, demand for online credit card processing is greater than ever before.  This cultural shift makes selling online exceptionally rewarding for all types of companies.  Ecommerce merchants will experience unprecedented growth in the coming years.

Ecommerce merchant accounts give companies the ability to accept online credit card payments, debit cards, and other eCommerce payment methods.  Alternative payment methods included with eCommerce merchant accounts are the fastest way to boost orders without additional work or expense. 

The more ways customers can buy from you, the more sales you receive. In the US, simply adding electronic checks in addition to online credit card processing to your checkout page increases orders up to 30%.  For companies that sell online globally, adding familiar “in-country” payment methods boosts sales up to 40%.


What is Included in Your Online Credit Card Processing Account?

Ecommerce credit card processing has two parts.  First, the merchant account established with the acquiring bank.  The account includes online credit card processing, debit cards, and other payment methods.  The second part is the eCommerce payment gateway, which connects to banking networks, through which transactions are submitted for approval. 

All online credit card processing accounts include the following:

  • Accept All Major Card Brands.  Easily accept eCommerce payments from buyers using debit or credit cards. 
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Ecommerce Payment Gateway.  Advanced technology provides the highest level of security for eCommerce payments.  Transactions are SSL encrypted with military-grade security.  Payment data is encrypted and securely processed, protecting sensitive card information from data breaches.
  • Unlimited Virtual Terminals.  Securely accept mail and orders (MOTO).  Companies that sell online benefit by accepting payments through multiple channels. 
  • Fraud Fighting Weapons.  Extensive fraud fighting tools.  Quickly approve good orders and decline fraudulent ones.  Customize fraud protection parameters to meet the needs of your business and respond to changing market conditions.
  • Chargeback Protection & Mitigation Services.  Chargeback protection keeps prevents chargebacks before they occur.  Chargeback mitigation services fight chargebacks you can win.  Optionally add 3D Secure to offload liability for some chargebacks back to the card brands
  • Superior Customer Service.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.  Get the help you need when you need it from highly trained representatives.    
  • Robust Cloud Reporting.  Access reports in multiple formats.  Simplify account management.  Track all transactions in real time. 
  • CRM, Shopping Carts, Accounting Systems.  The online credit card processing gateway is integrated with most major CRM, shopping carts & accounting systems.  Streamline business operations while increasing productivity.  Reduce development costs. 


What is High Risk Online Credit Card Processing?

High risk is a generic term acquiring banks use to classify eCommerce merchants that have statistically greater numbers of chargebacks than standard risk customers. 

Chargebacks occur when a buyer contacts the card issuing bank in order to dispute a transaction.  Chargebacks can occur for many reasons, including products not performing as promised; not receiving the ordered product or service; or assertions that the eCommerce merchant did not respond to their complaints in a timely fashion.

Friendly fraud is common as unscrupulous buyers dispute a transaction from companies that sell online, attempting to get the product or service for free.  These buyers know from experience that card issuing banks usually side with the cardholder since that person is a customer of the bank.  And, if the consumer insists, the eCommerce merchant is hit with a chargeback. 

Even when a company that sells online has low chargebacks, banks may still classify a business as high risk.  Some industries are classified as high risk because banks are concerned about “reputational risk” of processing for businesses in certain industries.  Other reasons for a high risk classification include high ticket sales, high volume processing, targeted markets, or recurring billing models. 

Businesses that sell online can certainly acquire eCommerce merchant accounts with low rates and favorable terms even if the company is considered high risk. 


How to Apply for Your Online Credit Card Processing Merchant Account

Application for ecommerce payment processing always free with no obligation.  Applying for online credit card processing account is a straight-forward process.  You simply provide an application along with supporting documentation about your company.  Ecommerce merchant account accounts are approved in 1-3 days. 

Supporting documents include: Color copy of ID for signer on account, bank statements, processing history, voided check from depository account, and business formation documents.

It’s helpful if the signer on the ecommerce merchant account has good personal credit.  If credit is not good, adding a co-signer with good credit is helpful for account approval. 


Approval Process for Ecommerce Payment Accounts

When the application package is received, the underwriter team immediately starts reviewing the information.  First, the details on the application form are verified.  Then, supporting documents are checked.

Ecommerce payment processing statements are looked at.  Bank statements are reviewed to verify there is enough money in the business bank account to support the processing volumes being requested. 

Companies that sell online have websites or mobile applications.  Therefore, the underwriting team will review all the pages of the website or app.  Be sure that websites and apps display properly and load quickly.  Clearly show privacy, returns, shipping, customer service contacts and other relevant information. 

Sometimes, the underwriting team will search the internet for reviews on a company or owners.  Do this yourself so you’ll know what’s out there.  Of course, not all companies have perfect reviews.  If you do see less than favorable reviews, take a minute to respond to comments in a courteous & professional manner.  This demonstrates that you care about customer service and your online reputation.

Once the ecommerce merchant account is approved, your merchant account ID is issued.  And you can begin processing immediately.


Reasons to Choose NationalACH for Ecommerce Payments

Businesses in the United States and throughout the world use our services to successfully establish eCommerce merchant accounts.  Here are some of the reasons: 

  • Multiple Ecommerce Merchant Accounts.  Great for high volume merchants. Mitigate online credit card processing risk by avoiding dependence on a single bank.
  • High Risk Merchants Welcome.  High risk specialists.  Online credit card processing for all companies classified as high risk. 
  • US Online Credit Card Processing.  Wide network of US banks gives you extensive choices for eCommerce merchant accounts.  And helps ensure account approvals.   
  • International Ecommerce Payment Processing. Great option for companies selling globally.  And for high risk merchants that want to diversify processing offshore.  
  • Ecommerce Payment Gateway.  Online credit card processing gateway for secure eCommerce payments.  Protects your business and your customers.
  • Multi-currency Payments.  Selling globally?  Accepting payments in familiar local currencies is the easiest & fastest way to increase sales. 
  • Alternative Payment Methods.  ACH / echecks get you more orders from US customers.  For global eCommerce, offer localized payment methods preferred by international buyers. 
  • Superior Customer Service.  Get the help you need when you need it.  Dedicated account representatives committed to your success. 

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