Loan Modification Merchant Account

Loan Modification Merchant Accounts

If you are searching for payment processing for your loan modification business, you’ve come to the right place. 

NationalACH establishes high volume echeck accounts for loan modification companies that want to boost profits and decrease payment processing risk. Qualified merchants can also setup loan modification merchant accounts for card processing. 

E checks let you electronically debit funds from your customers’ bank accounts.  Payments are automatically deposited into your business bank account. 

Multi Channel Processing

  • Accept payments online. 
  • Virtual terminal for fast input of MOTO transactions.
  • Take payments from mobile devices.
  • Bulk processing with batch uploads automates payments.
  • Recurring payments are a standard feature on all accounts.

Electronic checks the most popular alternative payment method in the US. Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods & services with echecks rather than cards. And electronic checks provide compelling benefits over card payments for loan modification merchants.  



How Echecks Increase Your Profits

Electronic check processing offers you substantial benefits compared to cards.

Customers who need help modifying loans often are in financial distress.  Customers may not have cards or be maxed out on cards.  Yet, 95% of consumers have bank accounts & can pay you with echecks.

  • Get payments from customers who don’t have cards or are maxed out on cards.
  • Some customers prefer to pay with an electronic check rather than a card.
  • Card decline? Accept echecks & capture payments that otherwise would be lost.
  • Echecks are more effective than cards for recurring billing, protecting cash flow.
  • Safeguard your card processing account. The more payments you process with electronic checks, the less risk of chargebacks you have on your card account.


Echecks Better than Cards for Recurring Billing

Many loan modification merchants have recurring billing models.  Recurring payments are collected on a regular basis from customers. 

Echecks offer you significant benefits compared to cards.

  • No need to update payment information. Bank accounts are rarely changed by customers.  Greatly reducing the need to update payment information. Ensuring recurring payments continue uninterrupted
  • Reduce chargeback risk. Chargeback periods are shorter for echecks compared to cards.  And it much harder to chargeback an echeck transaction than a card
  • Decrease processing expenses. Rates for echeck processing is less than cards.  And it is easier to establish an echeck account than a card account for loan modifications.    


Apply for Your Loan Modification Merchant Account 

Put our expertise in high risk processing to work for you.  Get approved fast.

  • Free application with no obligation.
  • Extensive network of banks helps diversify processing to mitigate risk.
  • Account managers dedicated to your success. 
  • High volume merchant account experts. Obtain the processing capacity you require for your business.
  • 24/7 customer service for help when you need it.
  • Fully compliant payment platform exceeds standards for secure transaction processing.
  • Free technical support.
  • Customize recurring billing to accommodate the needs of your customers. And protect your cash flow from recurring payments.
  • Verification services keep returns & chargebacks low.
  • Fraud-fighting weapons & chargeback mitigation services safeguard your processing.

Contact us  today to set up your loan modification merchant account. 

Let Us Work for You

Your Success is Our Mission

At National ACH, we’ve done our homework on payments. Use our expertise to get the payment processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business. Our “niche” market is high risk & high volume payment processing. Yet, standard risk merchants also benefit from our services. We are always happy to talk with you, with no obligation. Discover top notch service along with the iron-clad secure processing solutions you are looking for. Payments power your business success.


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