Check Verification

ACH & E-check Verification

Stop Bad Checks

Decrease returns.  Save money on processing.  Reduce fraud. 



Securely Accept Checks Online

Instant verification before payments are submitted for processing.

Verify Check by Phone Orders

Automatically verifies MOTO transactions prior submitting from processing

Bulk Processing Verification

Run verification on your batch files before uploading for processing

What Check Verification does for you

Check verification uses extensive searches of databases to confirm a range of info on the bank account from which funds are being debited.

  • Verifies bank account & routing numbers are correct
  • Verifies the account is open
  • Verifies account has a positive balance*
  • Confirms no history of bad checks written on the account
  • Reduces data entry orders errors
  • Lowers administrative returns
  • Slashes costs associated with returned transactions
  • Reduces processing expenses 

*Account verification confirms there is a positive balance in a bank account. Although this is helpful, keep in mind that funds are not “frozen” to cover ACH / e-check transactions as is the case in card processing.

When to Use Check Verification



Anytime you accept an ACH or echeck

Verify new or existing banking accounts

Verify the first billing transaction for recurring payments

Verify high risk electronic check transactions



Combine Check Verification with Resubmission

If an electronic check bounces for non-sufficient funds (NSF), resubmit the transaction again. 

  • Resubmit transactions close to pay days to reduce NSF returns 
  • Automating resubmissions enhances productivity
  • Improve your collection ratios
  • Reduce embarrassing calls to customers
  • Cloud reporting for instant updates & real-time reports

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