Check Verification

ACH & E-check Verification

Instant check verification services for ACH accounts and electronic check payments are used to validate bank account information prior to processing an echeck payment.  Bank account verification:

  • Decreases return rates.  Incorrect data entry is the single most common cause of returned transactions. Check verification confirms that routing & account numbers are correct before the transaction is submitted for processing. 
  • Saves you money on electronic check processing.  The fewer returned transactions you have, the more money you save. 
  • Prevents bad checks and fraudulent transactions.  Check verification identifies if there is a history of bad checks being written from the bank account.
  • Effective for all payment channels. Including eCommerce and MOTO payments.  Merchants selling through multiple channels use check verification on all transactions. 
  • Validate bank account information quickly and easily.  ACH and electronic checks are not processed immediately, as card payments are.  Check verification is a simple way to ensure electronic check payments are good.



Securely Accept Checks Online

Instant verification before payments are submitted for processing.

Verify Check by Phone Orders

Automatically verifies MOTO transactions prior submitting from processing

Bulk Processing Verification

Run verification on your batch files before uploading for processing

What are Check Verification Services?

Merchants reduce processing risks with electronic check verification services.  Real time check verification confirms bank accounts are open, in good standing, and have positive balances. 

Check verification services use information compiled from an extensive array of positive and negative databases to help determine whether or not the payment will clear.  Bank account verification greatly increases the likelihood that an electronic check transaction will clear without any issues.

When to Use Check Verification



Anytime you accept an ACH or echeck

Verify new or existing banking accounts

Verify the first billing transaction for recurring payments

Verify high risk electronic check transactions



Combining Check Verification with Identity Verification

Check verification is often combined with identity verification services.  The combination of check verification and identity verification is particularly valuable for ecommerce and MOTO merchants selling high ticket items.  

Identity verification confirms that buyers are who they claim to be.  ID verification connects a wide variety information with the buyer.  Common matches include, confirmation of the last 4 digits of social security numbers, data from drivers’ licenses, phone numbers, addresses, ages, birth and death records and information extracted from public records. 

Both identity verification and bank account verification services are carried out in an unobtrusive and rapid manner that does not disrupt the sales process. 

Check verification services and identity verification are inexpensive and easy to implement.  Allowing you to get more orders with less risk.  

How Check Verification Works

Check verification uses extensive searches of positive and negative databases to confirm a range of information on the bank account from which funds are being debited.  Check verification include information contributed directly from financial institutions as well as multiple other sources.  For instance, many merchants contribute to negative databases, identifying potential fraudsters.

The most basic check verification service confirms that bank account & routing numbers are correct.  For eCommerce and MOTO merchants, this one step alone can rescue the order while saving you money.

It’s easy for buyers to enter routing and account numbers incorrectly when shopping online. And orders taken by telephone can be easily be keyed in incorrectly by customer service representatives. 

Reducing data entry errors by confirming account and routing numbers before submitting an electronic check for processing greatly reduces return rates.  And saves you money on electronic check processing fees by slashing costs associated with returned transactions.

Check verification confirms that the account is open and is in good standing.  You confirm that there is no history of bad checks written from the bank account.  This helps reduce administrative returns while safeguarding you against potential fraudulent orders. 

Check verification services confirm there is a positive balance in a bank account. Although this is helpful, keep in mind that funds are not “frozen” to cover ACH processing or check transactions as is the case in card processing. 

Same day ACH is now here so ACH electronic checks clear faster than ever before. Faster ACH processing increases the likelihood that funds will be available when the transaction clears. 

Same day ACH debits your customers’ bank accounts the same day as the order is received if transactions are submitted by the file cut-off time. Or the next day when transactions are received after the cut-off time. 

What Types of Businesses Use Check Verification Services?

Merchants in all types of industries verify bank account information prior to processing the orders.  If you accept electronic check payments, it’s wise to use check verification services along with your echeck and ACH merchant accounts.  .

If you accept checks online, check verification validates the bank account information the moment the buyer enters electronic check information on your checkout page. 

MOTO merchants accepting electronic checks verify the bank account when entering the information into virtual terminals prior to submitting the transaction for processing. 

Merchants that submit large files for bulk processing easily integrate check verification services as part of the file upload.  Bank accounts are verified prior to sending the electronic check file off for final processing. 

And you can quickly add check verification services to any existing platform to seamlessly verify bank accounts before processing the payments.

When to Use Check Verification

Check verification is useful for all merchants that accept electronic check payments. 

Ecommerce and MOTO merchants generally use check verification services on all orders from new customers.  For repeat customers, check verification is helpful when buyers have new bank accounts. 

Businesses with recurring billing models use check verification on the first recurring payment.  If bank accounts do not change, check verification services are not necessary for future recurring payments since the bank account information has already been verified. 

High risk merchants use check verification services on a regular basis before submitting orders to electronic check processors or ACH processing.  High risk merchants often combine check verification with identity verification since the incidences of fraud are greater for high risk merchants.


Combine Check Verification with Re-submission

If an electronic check bounces for non-sufficient funds (NSF) yet the bank account has been verified, you can resubmit the transaction two more times.  Up to 85% of returns for NSF clear when resubmitted again for payment. 

Set up re-submissions on an automated schedule to increase productivity.  Resubmitting electronic check payments close to paydays helps reduce NSF returns.  And eliminates the need to call customers for payments.  

Cloud reporting gives you instant updates & real-time transaction data.  Allowing you to easily manage re-submissions of electronic check payments. 

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