Recurring / Subscription / SaaS Payments

Recurring Payments. Convenient for Customers. Profitable for You.

Recurring payments stabilize cash flow while providing customers a convenient way to pay you.  Unlimited recurring billing plans make it easy for you to customize payments to meet the demands of your business. 



  • Accept card recurring payments. Transactions are encrypted & stored in the gateway. Keeping your business safe.
  • Accept recurring payments from bank accounts. Electronic checks are the gold standard for “set it and forget it” recurring billing. Safeguarding your income.
  • Flexible processing. Offer recurring payments online. Use virtual terminals to set up recurring payments for phone/mail orders. Or upload files for bulk processing.
  • Cloud reporting. Simplify account management. Quickly track and manage all transactions. Increase productivity.



Expand average lifetime value of customers

Retain customers longer. Protect recurring revenue income streams.

Flexible recurring billing

Customize recurring payments. Offer fixed or variable plans. Convenient for customers. Profitable for you.



Recurring Billing Automates Payments

Automated payments make management and accounting simpler.  Set up recurring payment plans to collect payments on a regular basis with no need for manual intervention.  Recurring payments are great for subscriptions, memberships; software; digital media; financial services; entertainment; and business & personal services.  In addition, you can offer recurring payments for any product.  Making it easier for your customers to pay you in installments.  



Recurring payments are safe and secure.  Tokenization encrypts transactions and stores the data in the gateway vault.  Eliminate the need to keep sensitive payment data.  Protect your business by offloading the responsibility for compliance to the gateway.  Level 1 PCI-DSS platform ensures secure processing.

Stabilize Cash Flow with Electronic Checks

Recurring payments debited from bank accounts prevent revenue leakage and stabilize your cash flow. Bank accounts rarely change.  Since bank accounts remain stable over time, there is seldom a need to update payment information. Revenues streams continue to flow without interruption.

Compare this to card payments.  Every year more than 20% of cards are reissued. Recurring payments are disrupted until card data is updated.  You may not be able to obtain the updated card information.  And customers may cancel when you contact them for new card data. 

Benefits of Recurring Payments

Here is a summary of the advantages recurring billing gives your business.

  • Automated payments increase revenue
  • Stabilize cash flow & safeguard income
  • Increase lifetime value of consumers
  • Decrease operating expenses
  • Boost customer service productivity
  • Retain customers by eliminating unnecessary opportunity to cancel service
  • Increase consumer satisfaction by maintaining continuity of service
  • Decrease accounts receivables and collections
  • Import / export data to internal streamline operations

Once recurring payments are set up payments continue until the end of the term or until you or the customer cancels the payments. 

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