High Ticket Merchant Account

High Ticket Merchant Accounts

Are you looking for a high ticket merchant account?  You’ve come to the right place.  High ticket merchant accounts are the solution for companies selling more expensive products & services. Quickly accept payments for goods and services smoothly and efficiently with high ticket merchant accounts.

Electronic checks get you orders from customers who don’t have cards, are maxed out on cards, or who simply to prefer to pay you through a bank account rather than a card.  Adding echecks to your checkout page reduces shopping cart abandonment by providing customers an alternative payment method to cards.

  • Competitive Rates.  Low rates combined with top-notch technology.  Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison.
  • Fast Approvals.  Rapid approvals so you get more sales quicker.
  • Multi-Channel Payments.  Easily take payments online.  Accept mail / phone orders (MOTO).  Accept in-app & mobile payments.
  • Secure Level 1 PCI-DSS Payment Gateway.  Military-grade security protects your business and your customers.
  • Quick Settlements. Enhance cash flow with same or next day settlement of funds.
  • Fraud Prevention Weapons. Protect against fraud.  Quickly accept good orders. Decline bad transactions.  Set aside questionable ones for review.
  • Chargeback Protection Services.Prevent chargebacks before they occur.  Fight chargebacks you can win. Add 3D Secure to transfer liability for some chargebacks back to the card brands.
  • Extensive Bank Network.  Wide choice of banks ensures high ticket merchant account approval. Diversify accounts among banks to mitigate processing risk.
  • Multiple Payment Methods. Accept all credit and debit cards.  Add electronic checks to boost orders from US buyers up to 30%.  Add “in-country” alternative payments to increase sales from global shoppers up to 40%.


What is a High Ticket Merchant Account?

High ticket merchant accounts give you the ability to easily accept debit and credit card payments.  High volume merchant accounts are established for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales. 

Accept payments through all sales channels.  Take payments online and through mobile apps.  Securely process mail and telephone (MOTO) transactions with unlimited virtual terminals.  Or upload bulk transaction files for rapid processing. 

Business-to-business high ticket sales are classified as standard risk since chargebacks and fraud are rare in business transactions.  

Business-to-consumer sales of items which cost over $500 are considered high ticket merchant accounts.  And are classified as high risk merchants due to a greater risk of chargebacks associated with sales to consumers.   

If a consumer initiates a chargeback for a high ticket item, banks and processors have a greater risk of financial loss than from a lower ticket product. Additionally, cyber-criminals frequently target high ticket merchants, which can result in chargebacks once the fraud is discovered.  


What Types of Businesses Qualify for High Ticket Merchant Accounts?

High ticket merchant accounts are used by businesses in all kinds of industries.  If you are selling consumer goods or services that with cost more than $500, a high ticket merchant account is the way to go. 

Examples of high tickets include, but are not limited to, are: electronics; jewelry; collectibles; furniture; auto accessories; coin dealers; precious metal brokers; travel; financial services; high end fashion; and luxury goods. 


Benefits of Electronic Check Payments For High Ticket Merchants

While there is no way to totally protect yourself against chargebacks, echecks give you a proven alternative to card payments which can help safeguard your business.

  • Lower risk for chargebacks. With cards, consumers can chargeback up to 180 days after the sale.  The revoke period for echeck transactions is limited to 40 days for electronic check processing.  Or 60 days for ACH processing. 
  • Initiating a chargeback is harder. To dispute a card transaction, customers simply call their issuing bank.  To revoke an echeck or ACH payment, customers must contact their bank and supply the supporting documentation.  Some banks require the customer visit a branch and sign an affidavit. Requiring much more time and effort on the part of the consumer compared to a chargeback to a card. 
  • Save money on payment processing. Depending upon your business, electronic checks and ACH can save you 50% or more compared to card payments. 
  • Easier to obtain than card accounts. Business that cannot get approved for card processing are often approved for electronic check merchant accounts. 
  • Protects your card merchant accounts. When consumers pay with an electronic check you reduce the risk of chargebacks on card transactions, thereby protecting your card merchant account. 


How to Apply for Your High Ticket Merchant Account

Applying for high ticket merchant accounts is a simple process.  You submit an application along with supporting documents.  

Supporting documents include:  Driver’s license for the signer on the account; voided check from the bank where processing funds will settle; business bank and payment processing statements; and business formation documents such as Articles of Incorporation or LLC.

Allow 1-3 business days for account approval from the time the completed application file is received.  Once approved, your merchant identification number (MID) is issued.  You’ll receive a secure email with your login and passwords.  And you can begin processing immediately.


Tips for Fast High Ticket Merchant Account Approval

It’s wise to have a signer on the account with good personal credit.  If credit is not great, adding a co-signer with good credit will speed account approval.

Ecommerce merchant websites need to function well. Be sure all pages load quickly and display properly. Post refund and privacy policies on websites. If products are being shipped, include shipping information.  Make it easy for customers to contact you by clearly displaying contact emails, customer service details, and hours of service.

During the application process, the underwriting team may “cold call” via telephone or email to see how customer service is handled.  If calls go to voice mail, have a message that gives the name of the company and when a call back can be expected.  If autoresponders are used for email customer service, include the same information.  And then respond as promised.

Underwriters often will conduct an online search on the company.  Do this yourself so you know what’s out there.  Naturally, no company will have perfect reviews.  Still, if you see any negative comments, take a minute to respond in a positive and polite fashion.  This demonstrates that you care about your customers.


How High Ticket Merchants Fight Chargebacks & Fraud

Chargeback prevention & mitigation services keep chargebacks under control.  Early warning chargeback notifications let you know when a dispute has been initiated, giving you time to issue a refund before a dispute turns into a chargeback.  When chargebacks do occur, chargeback mitigation services assist you in fighting chargebacks you can win.

The card brands offer 3D Secure services which are used on the checkout page as an additional level of security.  With 3D, you can offload responsibility for many chargebacks back to the card brands. 3D Secure services have vastly improved in the past few years, making the customer experience at checkout faster and simplier.    

To help protect against cybercrime, enable the vast array of fraud protection tools in the high ticket merchant account gateway.  Extensive customizable cascading rules & filters let you quickly identify good orders; decline fraudulent transactions and set aside questionable ones for review. 


Managing High Ticket Merchant Accounts

Below are some examples of strategies which reduce chargebacks and fraudulent transactions for high ticket merchants. 

  • Perform unobtrusive identity checks on buyers. Electronic ID verification at checkout is fast. And inexpensive to implement.
  • Request buyers email you a selfie holding a driver’s license or other proof of identity. 
  • Obtain a digital signature as an additional authorization to confirm the sales. This also gives you strong supporting documentation to help you win chargebacks if they occur. 
  • Block sales to countries that are well-known for internet fraud.
  • Manually review any orders that are suspicious to you. The high ticket merchant account gateway gives you many tools which help automate the identification of questionable transactions.
  • Use the fraud fighting tools within your payment gateway. The fraud fighting tools within high risk processing gateways are robust.  Review your reports and follow your ordering trends.  Change settings on a regular basis to meet current market conditions. 
  • Employ early-warning dispute notification services to keep transactions from turning into chargebacks.
  • Consider adding 3D Secure to shift responsibility for some chargebacks to the card brands


Why Choose National ACH for Your High Ticket Merchant Account

NationalACH specializes in high volume payment processing for high ticket merchants.  Put our expertise. to work for you today. 

  • Free application with no obligation.
  • High risk merchant account experts. All businesses classified as high risk merchants are welcome.
  • High volume processing capacity so you can process as much as you need.  
  • Extensive network of banks gives you the ability to establish multiple accounts to mitigate risk. 
  • Superb customer service from highly trained representatives.
  • Free technical support.
  • Fully compliant payment platform exceeds all standards for secure transaction processing  
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateway safeguards your business.
  • Extensive fraud-fighting tools protect you against fraudulent transactions.
  • ID verification services help ensure buyers are who they represent themselves to be.

Let Us Work for You

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