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API Integration for Cards, Echeck, & ACH Processing

An API is helpful for developers who want to integrate card, echeck, and ACH payments directly into software, websites, or applications.There are several ways to integrate a payment gateway with your website. The methods vary depending upon required resources, ease of integration, and features you require.  Contact us  for API documentation.



Transaction Request APIs


Direct Post API

Simplest integration for card not present payments. Merchants using this integration method need to comply PCI requirements before processing commences.

Three-Step Redirect API

This is a method for merchants that need customized web-based payment processing. Reduces a PCI compliance requirements while making order entry simple for customers. Necessary if you are implementing card brand payer authentication services.

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK supports iOS and Android devices. Includes a mobile card reader library for applications requiring encrypted mobile card readers. End-to-end encryption lets merchants send both swiped and keyed-in payments without touching any sensitive data.


Transaction Retrieval API

Query API

  • A Query lets merchants download a detailed transaction data which can be used to create in-house reports and analytics.

QuickClick Shopping Cart

  • QuickClick is an excellent option for e-commerce for companies without IT team or developer on staff. The button-generator allows merchants to create payment links on the site to products and services without any previous development experience.

Third Party Shopping Carts

  • More than 150 shopping carts& CRMs are integrated with the gateway. Contact us to find out more.

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