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NationalACH is always seeking new strategic partnerships with the goal of developing profitable referral relationships. Potential partners include application software developers, web hosts, shopping cart vendors, consultants, acquiring banks and payment service providers. If you have customers that need payment processing, contact us to find out more about our partner program.   


Benefits of working with NationalACH:

  • Additional revenue stream.  Make money for the lifetime of the client.
  • Monthly residuals deposited directly to your bank account.
  • High risk specialists.  Need processing for your high risk merchants?  We have the solutions. 
  • High volume accounts.  Get your merchants high processing capacity to grow their business.
  • Offer processing services to your customers with an API integration to your platform.
  • No additional work for you.  Simply refer your clients.  We do the rest. 
  • Multiple payment options.  Offer your customers card, ACH, and echeck payment processing. 
  • Verification tools reduce returns and save money on processing.
  • Competitive rates.

How the Program Works

The program is designed to make it easy for you to make money. There is no selling involved. You simply refer merchants and we take care of the rest. Our experienced account executives handle the process from start to finish, freeing you to focus on other areas of your business.

You receive a revenue share on all the processing fees generated by your referrals in the form of ongoing, residuals income. We provide all on-going service and support to the merchants for you.

You continue receiving residuals for the lifetime of the account.  Merchants often continue processing for many years. Creating long-term income for you, without any risk or responsibility. The partner program is an ideal way to generate extra money without additional work.


Becoming a Partner

NationalACH is glad to talk with partner organizations that are interested in providing value added payment processing solutions to their client base.  Contact us about becoming a partner.

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