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Posted by NationalACH on Mar 27, 2015
check verifcation services

Verification Services Protect Your BusinessCheck verification and ID verification are two inexpensive methods that help protect you from chargebacks, fraud, or high return rates. The services are used by low and high risk merchants.Identity verification services are used in conjunction with both..

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Posted by NationalACH on Jan 30, 2014
high risk payment processing

Verify to Reduce Risk & Boost SalesAs beneficial as echecks  are to online merchants, increasing sales up to 20%, merchants still have some concern about the payment option.Echecks are one of the safest methods to accept payments methods for ecommerce merchants.  The ACH processing network is..

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Posted by NationalACH on Dec 18, 2010

High Risk Processing with Check 21Check 21 provides an excellent solution for high risk merchants who want to accept checks online or take a check by phone. Check 21 technology is particularly beneficial for companies that are unable to keep chargebacks under the 0.5% threshold required by NACHA..

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