Electronic Payments for Lenders and Loan Servicing Companies

Merchant Accounts for Lenders

Electronic payment processing for lenders and loan servicing companies.   ACH, echecks, & debit / credit card merchant accounts for all lenders and lending services companies including:

  • Brokers / Professional Services Companies. Get your fees faster.
  • Consumer & Business Installment Lenders. Easily debit and credit your customers’ accounts.
  • Crowd Funding Platforms. Multiple payment methods for crowdfunding, including equity, donation, lending, and reward-based platforms.
  • Direct Lenders. Payment processing for companies that make direct loans to businesses or consumers.
  • Leaseto-Own. Recurring payment plans make it simple for customers to transition from leasing to owning.
  • Loan Servicing Companies. Effective payment processing solutions serve the needs for your customers.  Integrate payments with your loan servicing platform,
  • Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Lenders. Proven payment methods for the rapidly growing merchant cash advance market.
  • Payday Lenders. Payment solutions for online payday lenders.
  • Retail Payday Loans / Check Cashing Stores. Payment processing for retail locations
  • Student Loan Lenders & Student Loan Relief. Specialized solutions to meet the requirements of student loan lenders and companies providing student loan relief services.
  • Title Lenders. Efficient payment methods help increase profits for auto title lenders.


Multiple Payment Methods Increase Profits

The ability to accept payments anyway your clients want to pay you is vitally important to all lenders.  More payment options translate into increased profits for you. 

Here’s the most commonly used payment methods for lenders. Most lenders use a combination of payment options. 

ACH debits are most cost-effective way for lenders electronically receive payments from customers’ accounts.  ACH debits are a great option for lenders that can comply with returns and revoked transaction ratios set by NACHA.org, the governing body for the ACH network.  Same day ACH debits are available for lenders that want faster payments.

ACH credits give lenders the ability to direct deposit lending funds to consumer & business bank accounts.  Same day ACH credits lets you fund quickly, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Echecks are used by lenders who cannot comply with return or revoke ratios required by the ACH network.  Echecks give you far greater flexibility for returns and revokes than the ACH network.  With echecks, transactions clear through the payment processors account.  Cleared funds settle to your business bank account through daily via an ACH credit.  Some lenders use echecks to vet the first few transactions from new borrowers, then switch to ACH once the borrower is vetted. 

Debit card processing lets borrowers pay you with a debit card.  This is a helpful method for repayment of loans as well as collection of overdue payments. 

Credit card processing can be good for lenders, if your chargebacks stay with guidelines set by the card brands.  Credit card processing is often the most expensive way of accepting payments due to the chargeback risk banks associate with some segments of the lending industry, particularly those working with sub-prime markets.  Still, some borrowers will want to pay you with credit cards.


 Multi-Channel Payment Processing

Taking payments through multiple channels is simply good business.  Accept payments anyway borrowers want to pay you.

The growth of internet payments has been fueled by greater acceptance of online bill pay.  The vast majority of Americans pay household bills online and are comfortable with online payments.  Lenders easily accept payments online through direct API integration to websites & software platforms or via hosted payment pages. 

Take phone / mail (MOTO) payments with secure virtual terminals.  Use mobile apps to accept payments from smart phones.  Or take payments at point of sale. 

Online reporting is included as a standard feature on all accounts.  Track transactions in real time.  Create payment reports quickly and easily.  Import and export data to internal accounting systems, CRM or other software platforms.


Recurring Payments Stabilize Cash Flow for Lenders

All merchant accounts for lenders accounts include unlimited recurring billing plans, customizable to your business. Recurring billing lets you customize automated payments for any billing period, such as, daily, weekly, monthly etc.   Recurring payments for ACH, echecks & card payments boost productivity while stabilizing cash flow.  

Recurring payments are a standard feature on all payment options, including debit & credit cards, ACH, and echecks.   Payments continue uninterrupted until the end of the loan period or the recurring billing is cancelled. 

ACH and echecks recurring payments are highly effective for lenders because bank accounts rarely change.  As a result, there is less work keeping payment data up-to-date compared to cards. 

Payments from bank accounts remain stable over time.  It’s a real hassle for businesses or consumers to change bank accounts since debits for bills and direct deposits from payroll or venders are tied to the bank accounts.   ACH & echeck recurring payments through debits from bank accounts continue uninterrupted, with no need to update payment data.

Compare this to cards.  Each year, more than 20% of debit & credit cards are reissued due to card expiration, lost / stolen cards, and data breaches   Each time a card is reissued, payment information needs to be updated, which requires a lot of work.  While automated card updater services are available, not all cards can be updated.  Resulting in revenue leakage and negative impact on cash flow.    


How to Apply for Your Echeck, ACH, and Card Merchant Account

To qualify for an account, a minimum of $50,00 per month is required. Startups may be accepted if growth is anticipated. 

High volume merchant accounts are our specialty.  Obtain the processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business. 

To apply for an account, you submit an application and supporting documents.  Supporting documents include information about your business, business bank statements, payment processing history (if available) and identification for the signer on the account.  Underwriting and account approval takes 3-7 business days from the time the application file is received.


Why Choose NationalACH for Your ACH Payments, Echeck, and Card Merchant Accounts?

  • Electronic checks, ACH debits / ACH credits, and card merchant from a single source. Saving you time and money. 
  • Customizable recurring billing plans to meet the requirements of your business. Protect recurring payment revenue.
  • Multi-channel processing. Accept checks online. Accept check by phone, mail and fax payments through a virtual terminal. 
  • Dedicated account managers. Your account manager guides you through the application process.  After account approval, your manager continues to provide you on-going support to ensure your complete satisfaction. 
  • High risk merchant account specialists. Use our expertise to get your echeck account, ACH processing, and high risk merchant accounts approved quickly.
  • Free technical support. API, virtual terminals, and batch processing to accommodate your processing requirements.
  • High volume merchant accounts. Get the processing capacity you need. 
  • Extensive banking network allows you to establish more than one account. Diversification of processing is a prudent strategy for high volume and high risk merchants.

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