Posted by NationalACH on Feb 01, 2021
Echeck and ACH Payment Processor

Seamless integration of payment technology is an absolute essential ingredient for value added services offered by independent software venders.   Integrated payments are made simple with API integration for cards, echeck and ACH transactions.

For independent software vendors (ISVs), differentiating yourself in the market is vital. Your customers use your services to make their lives easier – and expect this to be the case. Legacy payment processes are often fraught with bottlenecks and pain points. Reducing process friction is therefore a crucial factor in modern customer success.

A difficult checkout process is the most common reason for abandoned ecommerce shopping carts. If checkout processes are convoluted, payment details are difficult to add or account creation is tedious, customers tend to abandon their kart and shop elsewhere. On the contrary, a smooth checkout process is likely to mean repeat business for your customers.

Gain a Competitive Edge

As businesses seek to optimize back-end efficiency and front-end customer experience to retain clients and grow revenues, any way to gain competitive edge is important. Making it as simple as possible for customers to transact with an online application is vital to this.

To this end, the ability to seamlessly integrate payment information with customer records and third-party systems takes on greater emphasis. By eliminating several manual steps, invoicing, processing, and payments are instantly made more efficient. This is facilitated through the smooth creation of new transactions and new customer creation. Recurring payments can also be created for ongoing services billed on a subscription basis.

Deliver More Value Through Your ISV Platform

More and more software developers are building payment functionalities into their products in order to improve customer experience. This facilitates the simple equation that with improved customer experience and ease-of-use comes more revenue.

Embedding an echeck and ACH payment processor into software and applications enables developers to enhance their products in a number of ways. Quicker deposits, multi-currency transactions, less manual intervention and subscription-based billing facilitate efficient business. Businesses can also become more scalable with customizable language and generation of automated reports.

Seamless Technology for ISV

Echeck and ACH Payment Processor
Echeck and ACH Payment Processor

Payment gateways can be in-built to websites, software and applications in a variety of ways. Appropriate solutions can be provided based on a development team’s resources, the complexity of the integration, and the functionalities that are required.

Depending on these criteria, the simplest solution is an off-the-shelf Direct Post API. Three-Step Redirect API is a more customized solution for offering card brand payer authentication services. And for applications and mobile use, mobile SDK facilitates fully encrypted payments on iOS and Android devices.

The Benefits of Echeck and ACH Payments for ISV

Integrating echeck and ACH payments into websites, applications and software provides three main benefits.

  • Integrated payments are a value-added service for independent software providers. The more value your software provides, the more loyal your customers will be.
  • Increased profits. Adding payment processing to your independent software platform creates an additional revenue stream for your company.
  • Competitive edge. Don’t risk losing sales to your competition because you do not offer payments as part of your independent software platform.  These days, customers expect and want value added features.  Adding payment processing to your software platform gives you a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.    

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