Posted by NationalACH on May 06, 2010

Free scanners for Check 21 remote deposit capture are quickly becoming the norm.  Much to the dismay of independent sales organizations that hoped that new products such as remote deposit capture could help rescue them from shrinking margins.  First credit card terminals were being given away for free.  Now check scanners.

Prices of scanners have dropped tremendously.  At the same time, the reliability and quality of image transfer has gotten better.  It makes sense for a bank to simply give a scanner to a business customer.  Ensuring the business deposits will come in faster and make more money for the bank.

Business owners, of course, love the idea of free scanners.  58% of business owners would immediately start using remote deposit capture if the scanner was provided free.

Remote deposit capture is growing fast.  After all, everyone would rather scan a check and transmit it electronically rather than going to the bank.   In addition, remote deposit cut means quicker availability of funds.

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