Posted by NationalACH on Apr 09, 2010

US Buyers Trust Echecks 

When you accept checks online, you get more sales.

Electronic checks are the preferred alternative payment method for millions of American consumers.  More than 30% of all internet payments are now made with alternative payments such as echecks.

If you don't offer ehcecks on your checkout page, you are losing sales to your competitors who do.

What is the User Experience at Checkout?

On your checkout page, an electronic check payment option is offered to the buyer. The buyer clicks on the “pay by electronic check” option.  

The customer enters the same type of information as with the credit card.  The difference is that the consumer enters the routing and account number of the checking account rather than credit card number and expiration date.

Consumer authorization is required is required with specific language that authorizes the merchant to process an electronic payment on behalf of the consumer.  The authorization language is followed by instructions to the consumer to “Accept” or “Cancel” the authorization

After the consumer clicks “Accept”, the information submitted is parsed and sent to various authentication databases for an approval response. The bank routing number and checking account number are checked for accuracy. 

Based on the response received, and by using a predetermined scoring routine setup, the transaction is either approved or declined within seconds, similar to the type of response the merchant receives for an online credit card transaction.


Offering alterntive payments such as electronic checks is the fastest way to get more sales.

Get orders from buyers that don't have cards or are maxed out on cards. And many buyers simply prefer to purchase from you with an electronic check rather than a card. 

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