Posted by NationalACH on Oct 01, 2013
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E Checks Increase Sales

Are you a high risk merchant who wants to accept check online accept check by phone orders?  Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers.  

With echecks you capture more more sales from buyers who don't have cards or are maxed out on cards. And get orders from shoppers who prefer to pay you with an echeck rather than a card. 

Electronic check processor accounts give high risk merchants an effective alternative to ACH payments.  

5 Reasons High Risk Merchants Chose Electronic Checks

Account Approval.  Many high risk merchants do not qualify for an ACH processing account. Yet, echeck processors welcome high risk merchants.  

 Chargebacks.   ACH rules require businesses to keep chargebacks at less than 0.5%.  This is not feasible for high risk processing.    Echecks based on Check 21 technolgy  is a better option.  Echeck transactions are governed by check laws, and the Uniform Commercial Code, rather than ACH regulations.  As a result, you have far greater flexibility on chargebacks and returns.  

Expand Your Customer Base.  Electronic check processors can debit from accounts at institutions that do not participate in the ACH network such as credit unions, savings & loans, small banks, brokerages, and checks drawn on credit card accounts.  This means your customers have more options to pay you.

Reduce Fraud.  ACH processing requires consumer accounts to be credited back immediately if the consumer revokes a transaction.   Electronic check processing does not have this requirement, giving you more flexibility in dealing with revoked transactions.

Better Descriptors.  E check transactions appear on consumers’ bank statement in the same place as a paper check transactions, making it easy for buyers to remember the purchase and reducing the risk of chargebacks.


Over 30% of internet and telephone transactions are paid with electronic checks. If you do not accept checks online or accept check by phone orders, you risk losing business to your competitors that do.  

Are you a high risk merchant interested in increasing sales and profits with an echeck account?