Posted by NationalACH on Dec 18, 2010

High Risk Processing with Check 21

Check 21 provides an excellent solution for high risk merchants who want to accept checks online or take a check by phone. 

Check 21 technology is particularly beneficial for companies that are unable to keep chargebacks under the 0.5% threshold required by NACHA for ACH payments.

Check 21 technology creates and processes electronic checks by the creation of virtual checks.  The virtual check is a legal substitute check which is then processed and cleared  through the US Federal Reserve.

Check 21 payment processing is easily integrated to a website through a an API.   At checkout, electronic checks are offered as an payment option.  Checks clear fast and your are rapidly notified of any returned transaction.

High risk merchants that benefit most from Check 21 electronic check processing are:

  • Companies with a high percentage of overall returns
  • Companies with higher rates of unauthorized returns
  • Companies who want to more information about a transaction to appear on buyers' bank statements

Are you a high risk merchants that wants to accept checks online?

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