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Posted by admin on Jul 31, 2010

The Federal Reserve has a new service beginning August 2nd called FedACH SameDay that permits same day settlement for certain ACH transactions.  This is the first significant change the Fed has made in settlement times for the ACH network in 37 years.Banks can opt in as either originating or..

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Posted by admin on Jul 27, 2009

PayItGreen was formed by NACHA as an education resource. The mission of the organization is to show the environmental benefits of paying bills and issuing payroll electronically rather than with paper.One of the most helpful parts of the site is calculators where businesses and consumers can track..

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Posted by admin on Jul 22, 2009

The US Federal Reserve Banks announced plans for financial institutions to clear and settle certain automated clearing house (ACH) transactions in one day. This will be the first material change to the settlement schedules for the Federal Reserve in 35 years.The recent action was caused by the..

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