Posted by NationalACH on Sep 03, 2010

Here’s a list of the most common standard entry codes for ACH payment processing:

 CCD-Corporate Credit or Debit-

This application can be either a credit or debit application where funds are either distributed or consolidated between corporate entities.

 PPD-Prearranged Payment or Deposit-Direct Deposit-

Direct deposit is a credit application that transfers funds into a consumer's account at the Receiving Depository Financial Institution. The funds being deposited can represent a variety of products, such as payroll, interest, pension, dividends, etc.

Preauthorized Bill Payment-

Companies with billing operations may participate in the ACH through the electronic transfer (direct debit) of bill payment entries. Through standing authorizations, the consumer grants the company authority to initiate periodic charges to his or her account as bills become due.

POS-Point of Sale Entry-

Point of sale debit applications, generally initiated by a buyer using a bank debit card.

RCK-Re-presented Check Entry-

Representment of a check that has been processed returned because of insufficient or uncollected funds.

TEL-Telephone-Initiated Entry-

Used for to accept ACH payments via phone using an oral authorization from the consumer.

WEB-Internet-Initiated Entry-

Used for internet transactions where authorization for the transaction is provided by the consumer online.

ARC-Accounts Receivable Entry-

Converts paper checks to electronic transactions.

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