Posted by NationalACH on Jun 07, 2012

Brazilian Payments Increase Sales

Ecommerce merchants from around the world are eager to access the Brazilian market.   Brazil represents one of the fastest growing emerging markets for international ecommerce.  Brazil is the 6th largest economy in the world.

The country has a population of 191 million, including a young, web-savvy consumer base who are comfortable making purchases online.  Merchants need an easy way to accept payments from Brazilian customers.

PagosBancarios is used for more than 20% of all ecommerce payments in Brazil.  PagosBancarios is a safe, convenient and proven payment method that lets buyers pay for purchases through a bank account or pay by cash.

PagosBanacarios transactions are guaranteed payments to merchants.  There is no risk of chargebacks. 

At checkout, the buyer selects PagosBancarios.  The payment information page is displayed in Portuguese.  A pre-populated bank slip with payment details is displayed to the customer.

The buyer can authorize bank transfer immediately on the merchant’s website.  Or, the buyer can take the slip to any retail bank location to pay for the purchase.   The merchant is automatically notified when the payment is complete.

Benefits to Merchants

  • Get sales from Brazilian customers
  • Easily recognized and trusted payment option for customers in Brazil.
  • Customers can pay online or pay in person at any bank in Brazil
  • Merchants can receive settlements in any currency
  • Customer support in Portuguese
  • Online transaction management & reporting

Benefits to Customers

  • Easily buy goods and services from anywhere in the world
  • Pay in Brazilian currency
  • Pay online through a “push payment” from a bank account.  Or pay at any retail bank location
  • No credit card required
  • Safe and secure with no disclosure of personal information

PagosBanacarios in Panama

PangoBanacarios is a widely used payment method Panama as well as Brazil.  Merchants adding PangoBanacarios payments can also accept orders from buyers in Panama.

For Panama customers, payment pages are displayed in Spanish.  Customer service is also in Spanish.

Panama has the fastest growing economy in Central America.  Its population represents the largest per capita consumers in Central America.


When you accept preferred local payment methods, you get more sales. Naturually, buyers expect to be able to pay with familar and trusted local payment options.  

If you are expanding into the Brazilian marketplace, offering PagosBanacarios is be the quickest way to ensure your success. 

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