Posted by NationalACH on Oct 09, 2020
Moto Merchant Account

Even in the modern era, not all consumers like entering payment details online. Is your business equipped to handle the different payment choices of potential customers? Offer efficient payment flexibility today with a mail order telephone order (MOTO) merchant account!

It is more and more common to offer a variety of different payment methods to suit your customers. Merchants that limit payment options are less likely to succeed because customers need to feel they have flexibility and options for transacting with your business. In simple terms, the more payment options you can offer, the more revenue your firm will generate.

Why Consider a MOTO Merchant Account?

Businesses in many industries and of all sizes make use of MOTO payment accounts. With a mail order telephone order (MOTO) merchant account, you can easily add trusted payment methods. It is good to accept different types of payment from your customers regardless of industry. But for firms in catalog sales, wholesale, ecommerce and service industries in particular, it is essential.

Even with online payments becoming so common, it is still beneficial for retail businesses such as restaurants and hotels to offer phone-based payments to their customers. And for firms that offer professional services or contracting, phone-based payments can also be useful for invoice payments.

Good Customer Service Should Be Your MOTO!

Although many businesses are becoming more transactional, many buyers like to speak to someone about their purchase – especially for first-time orders.

Being able to accept phone payments not only offers another payment choice, but enables your reps to build a relationship with new customers. This option also offers the reps a “reason to call” customers and opens the door to up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. At the very least, it enables reps to encourage customers to sign up to newsletters or special offer emails. This personal approach, or at least the offer of it, can quickly build trusted relationships with clients.

MOTO) merchant accounts also enables you to build in excellent customer service into your payment options. Your customer service representatives can connect with customers to help with orders, process refunds, and help with delivery problems.

Mail Order Telephone Order Payment Processing For Catalogue and Direct Mail Merchants

Moto Merchant Account
Moto Merchant Account

Even with internet sales soaring across the US, mail order catalogues and direct mail advertising continue to thrive. Customers that still like to shop through these channels also appreciate being able to pick up the phone and speak with a company rep to place orders and resolve queries.

MOTO merchant accounts are also very useful tools for companies that offer recurring payments to their customers. For utility bills or entertainment providers for example, offering the ability to call in and make a payment allows easy collection, and aids customer satisfaction.

Getting Started with your Mail Order Telephone Order Merchant Account

With a MOTO account, you will be able to accept ‘card-not-present’ orders over the phone and via mail order. To get started with your mail order telephone order merchant account is easy, and National ACH team are on hand to make your application a rapid one.

You will benefit from low rates on your transactions, quick settlements on your funds, and convenient access to a wide network of banking institutions. This enables the risk on your account to be mitigated because customers’ payments can be verified in real time.

You will also benefit from some of the industry’s leading features and security with your MOTO merchant account. From slick online reporting to industry standard security protocols, your business and your customers’ sensitive information are in the best hands.

Get started with your application today for your National ACH MOTO merchant account.

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