Posted by NationalACH on Aug 15, 2010

Internal Data Breaches are Your Biggest Threat

To protect your payment processing and your business, be careful who you trust.

Certainly businesses are fearful of attacks from the outside from cybercriminals.  But, in reality, many frauds are perpetrated by people working inside of the business.

Employees Can Exploit Your Processing System

Temptation looms large when employees discover an easy way to exploit the system. 

The vast majority of people are inherently honest.  However, even the most morally righteous person can yield when faced by personal financial difficulties, dissatisfaction with the employer, or the thrill and excitement that can come from “getting away with it”.

Keep a good eye on the type of information that is available to your employees.  Be sure to have audit trails for every transaction.  Strong management oversight from different departments is also valuable.  Of course, be sure someone is watching the managers too.

The most obvious people that have access to customer information are the customer service representatives.  Yet, many other employees also are in situations where information theft easy.

Receptionists, mail room workers, administrative assistants, and purchasing agents, and security officers have availability to data. In fact, anyone you employ can potentially be a thief.

Within your business, protect your customers’ information. And, don’t forget to protect the financial information of your company which is equally valuable to fraudsters.

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