Posted by NationalACH on Feb 12, 2014
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Get More Orders with an Echeck Account

Naturally, accepting cards on your website is important.  Yet, if you do not offer alternative payment methods, such as echecks on your checkout page, you are unnecessarily losing sales to your competition who do.

Business Case for Echecks on Your Site

Over 29% of Americans do not have credit cards, yet 90% have a bank account. Providing a way for buyers to pay you through a bank account rather than using a card increases sales. 

E checks let you capture sales from shoppers that do not have cards, are maxed out on cards or who prefer to pay with their bank account.

Forrester Research conducted a study of online shoppers that never actually made a purchase online.  It found that 22% of the respondents did not have a credit a debit card. This group of potential buyers could have purchased if echecks were offered as a payment option at checkout.   

Not having echecks on your checkout page means you are throwing away orders.  Driving traffic to your website is wasted if you are not providing every possible method for your customers to buy from you.

How Do Echecks Work?

At checkout, customers chose the echeck option.  Instead of entering card information, buyers enter the routing and account number of the bank account. 

Funds are electronically debits from buyers’ bank account and automatically deposited to your bank account. Most Americans already pay monthly bills online with echecks.  Having an echeck payment option on your web site capitalizes on this familiar and trusted payment option.  Giving you a sales “lift” of up to 20%.

Echeck Processing

Echecks are processed through the ACH network  or via Check 21 technology.  

If you expect chargebacks to be under 0.5%, ACH is the way to go.  If chargebacks will be greater than 0.5%, Check 21 echecks is the better choice. This payment option is particularly beneficial to high risk merchants.

Regardless of technology, it’s simply smart business to give buyers every opportunity to purchase from your site.  Adding echecks to your checkout page is one of the quickest ways for you to increase orders.


When you accept checks online, you get more orders. 

Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods & services with electronic checks and prefer to purchase with an echeck instead of a card. 

And, if a card gets declines, offering electronic checks as alternative payment method saves sales that otherwise would be lost.  

More than 30% of intenet sites already accept checks online. Don't risk losing a sales to your competitors simply because they offer echecks and you don't.  

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