High Risk Processing for Ecommerce Merchants

High Risk Processing for Ecommerce Merchants

Are you interested in high risk processing?  You’ve come to the right place.  

Domestic and international merchant accounts for high risk business are key to successful ecommerce sales.  Proven high risk processing solutions protect your business.  And grow your profits.

More Payment Methods at Checkout = More Orders for You

  • Card Payments.   Accept all major debit and credit cards brands in the US and world-wide.  
  • ACH and Echecks for High Risk Merchants.    Boost sales from US shoppers up to 30%.   
  • Secure Online Bank Transfers.    Private & safe for US buyers.  Payments are like cash and cannot be charged back.  Funds are guaranteed to you.
  • International Alternative Payment Methods.   Targeting international markets?  Offer “in-country” alternative payment methods popular for international buyers and watch your sales grow.  

Details on each high-risk processing solution is provided in the following sections of this page.


Debit / Credit Card Merchant Accounts for High Risk Processing

Debit and credit card payments are preferred by many, although not all, ecommerce shoppers.  Accepting cards on your site is as important for high risk merchants as it is for any ecommerce businesses. 

The more card brands you accept, the more sales you make.

Of course, you’ll want to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. Most US shoppers use these cards when shopping online.  

In addition, consider accepting Union Pay cards.  Union Pay has more cards in circulation than any other card brand.  Cardholders are located world-wide,including millions the United States. 

Union Pay gives US cardholders another way to pay you.  And is a popular payment method for international shoppers who love buying from American websites.


Card Chargebacks, Fraud and High-Risk Processing

As important and popular as card payments are, cards are quite vulnerable to fraud & chargebacks.  These issues particularly affect high risk merchants. 

As every high-risk merchant knows, chargebacks must be kept under control in order to keep merchant accounts in good standing.  The card brands are getting even stricter on chargebacks. 

Effective chargeback and fraud protection strategies is more vital than ever. Here’s a few commonly used methods. 

  • 3DSecure2.   New & improved version of 3DSecure2 offered by the card brands helps alleviate some chargebacks, although not all of them. 3DSecure2 is now required on all European merchant accounts.  US high risk merchants are not required to use 3DSecure2.  Still, it is can be helpful to reduce chargebacks for certain industries. 
  • High Risk Gateway.   It’s always wise to enable fraud filters, intelligent decision making, and other fraud detection & prevention tools on your high-risk processing gateway. Properly configured, these sophisticated systems help you quickly approve good orders, decline bad ones, and set aside questionable ones for review.
  • Chargeback Services.   Early warning chargeback prevention services are available that notify you when a chargeback has been initiated.  Allowing you to issue a refund before the chargeback is final.  If chargebacks do occur, chargeback migration services help you fight the ones you have a good chance of winning.


Electronic Checks High Risk Processing

Electronic checks are the most popular and trusted alternative payment method for US shoppers.  More than 94% of US households have bank accounts and can pay you with an echeck. 

Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods & services with electronic checks rather than cards.  High risk merchants discover that offering echecks as a payment option at checkout is an easy way to boost orders up to 30%.   

The reason for increased sales is simple to understand.  With echecks, you capture sales from customers that do not have cards, are maxed out on cards, or simply prefer to pay with a direct debit from a bank account.


Types of Electronic Checks

Echecks give your customers a convenient way to pay you through a bank account rather than with a card.   

Electronic checks are processed in 3 ways.

  • ACH Network. ACH electronic checks are the most cost-efficient method of debiting your customers’ bank accounts for payments. To qualify for a high risk ACH merchant account, revokes (also known as chargebacks) and returns must comply with guidelines set by NACHA.org, the governing body of the ACH network.  Revokes must be less than 0.5% and total returns under 15%. This can be challenging for some high-risk merchants. 
  • Echecks Clear through Processor. Clearing transactions through the processor’s account is the solution of choice for high risk merchants that have more revokes & returns than allowed by the ACH network.  The processor clears the echecks for you, assuming liability for revokes & chargebacks.  Cleared funds settle to your bank account via an ACH credit, like card settlements.   
  • Substitute checks. A processor creates “substitute checks” which are mailed, overnighted, or scanned to your business bank account for clearing.  While items clear quickly, substitute checks are effective only if revokes and chargebacks are very low.  Banks red-flag revokes & returns, which can jeopardize your business bank account.  Additionally, if a customer uses a bank that does not accept substitute checks (and many banks do not), the payment will not be honored, and your customer will have to pay you another way.

No matter what technology is used to process echeck payments, the user experience at checkout is the same.  Buyers enter routing & account info instead of card data and proceed as usual.

Electronic checks save you money compared card processing.  Since no “interchange” applies to echeck payments, rates are lower for electronic check processing than for card payments.


Recurring Billing High Risk Processing

Recurring payments are part of all card, ACH, and electronic check accounts.,

  • Accept card recurring payments. Transactions are encrypted & stored in the secure vault in the payment gateway.  Enable card updater services to automatically update recurring billing card data when cards are reissued or expire.
  • Accept recurring payments from bank accounts. Electronic checks are the gold standard for “set it and forget it” recurring billing.  Bank accounts rarely change whereas 20% of cards are issued each year.  Protects recurring billing revenue.
  • Flexible processing. Offer recurring payments online. Use virtual terminals to set up recurring payments for phone/mail orders. Or upload files for bulk processing.
  • Cloud reporting. Simplify account management. Quickly track and manage all transactions. Increase productivity.


No Chargeback High Risk Processing with Secure Online Bank Transfers

Secure online bank transfers are an easy way for your customers to push payments to you through their online bank.  Bank transfers are like cash payments.  Once authorized, the transaction cannot be charged back.  Payments are guaranteed to you. 

The online bank transfer platform is integrated with your website and becomes another payment method for you to offer your customers.  More than 98% of American banks are integrated with the platform.

At checkout, customers chose their bank to sign in.  The invoice for the order is immediately displayed.  The customer authorizes the payment.  The customer is then automatically redirected back to your site where the purchase receipt can be viewed & printed.

US buyers are becoming increasingly concerned about purchasing online due to constant news stories about data breaches & stolen payment information.  Secure online bank transfers alleviate these concerns by offering a private and safe way for your customers to buy from you. 

No sensitive payment information is disclosed on your site. Customer trust is enhanced.   Payments are guaranteed to you.  Secure online bank transfers are a winning payment solution for both buyers & sellers. 


International Payment Options for International High-Risk Processing

Are you targeting international markets?  Offering popular “in-country” alternative payment methods at checkout boosts sales up to 40% with no additional work on your part.

Naturally, accepting debit & credit cards is important to international merchants.  Cards are popular throughout the world.  And are becoming more prevalent as the card brands aggressively market globally.

Yet, in numerous countries payment methods other than cards are widely used.  For example, in Europe, local bank transfers are more popular than cards in many countries. 

It’s simply smart to accept payments any way your customers want to pay you.  PaynetSecure provides more than 80 different payment alternative payment methods preferred by shoppers world-wide. 


Why Choose NationalACH for Your High-Risk Processing?

For more than 20 years, NationalACH has successfully established and diversified high risk processing accounts for merchants in the United States and throughout the world.  Here’s some of the reasons high risk merchants use our services.

  • All High-Risk Merchants Welcome.   As specialists in high risk processing, solutions are available for all companies classified as high risk merchants.
  • Competitive Rates.    Low rates combine with superior technology. Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison. 
  • Quick Approvals.    Speed time to market to get more orders faster
  • Extensive Banking Network.    Gain access to a large network of US & international acquiring banks friendly to high risk industries.
  • High-Volume High-Risk Processing.    Get the processing capacity you need to manage and grow your business.  High volume merchant accounts are our specialty.
  • High Risk ACH & Echeck Merchant Accounts.    Most popular alternative payment method for Americans. Easy way to increase orders from US shoppers up to 30%.  
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS High Risk Payment Gateway.   Secure, compliant processing safeguards your business and your customers.
  • Chargeback Prevention & Mitigation Services.  Proven methods for keeping chargebacks under control.
  • Customizable Fraud Fighting Weapons.    Extensive fraud fighting tools weapons help you quickly accept good orders, decline fraudulent ones & set aside questionable transactions for further review.
  • Superior Customer Service.  Highly trained representatives dedicated to your success. Quickly get the help you need when you need it.
  • Multi-Channel Payment Processing.    Accept payments through all channels, including ecommerce, MOTO, in-app, and mobile devices.  
  • Recurring Payments.   High risk processing accounts include recurring payments as a standard feature. Great for high risk merchants with recurring or subscription billing models. 
  • International Payment Methods.    Targeting international markets?  Access more than 80 different “in-country” alternative payment methods.  Increase sales from global buyers up to 40%. 

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At National ACH, we’ve done our homework on payments. Use our expertise to get the payment processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business. Our “niche” market is high risk & high volume payment processing. Yet, standard risk merchants also benefit from our services. We are always happy to talk with you, with no obligation. Discover top notch service along with the iron-clad secure processing solutions you are looking for. Payments power your business success.


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