Posted by NationalACH on Jan 13, 2014
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Echecks Increase Sales for Online Merchants

Over the last 10 years the volume of ACH transactions has tripled.  One of the greatest areas of growth has been in online payments made with ACH echecks.

Echecks let online merchants and billers accept payments by automatically debiting customers’ bank accounts.  The funds are electronically deposited into merchants’ bank accounts.

The ACH network is one of the oldest and most reliable electronic payment networks in the world.  ACH has been successfully used for decades to send and receive payments.

Ecommerce Merchants Benefit from Echecks

Echecks are the most popular alternative payment option offered by ecommerce merchants, second only to card payments. The more ways buyers can pay, the more sales will be made.

  • Echecks give you a way to capture sales from buyers who do not have cards or are maxed out on cards. 
  • If a card declines, offering echecks as a payment option gives you another way to capture the sale.
  • Accept checks online from customers that simply prefer to pay you with an echeck rather than a card.  

ACH processing is a good fit for merchants that can wait two days to ship products.  And digital merchants selling low ticket items have little at risk when fulfilling an order paid for with an echeck.

Merchants needing quicker settlement of funds should consider using echecks using Check 21 technology. Check 21 echecks do not use the ACH network.  Rather, the checks are cleared through bank-to-bank transfer. 

High Risk Merchants and Echecks

The elimination of the ACH network “middleman” in processing payments means that transactions settle more quickly.  Electronic checks based on Check 21 technology is the most effective method for high risk merchants to accept checks online.

Few high risk merchants can comply with ACH rules for 0.5% in chargebacks and 15% in returns.

Electronic checks processed with Check 21 technology process outside of the ACH network. Giving you greater flexibility for returns and chargebacks.     


When you accept checks on line you get more orders.  

Many buyers prefer to pay you with an electronic check rather than a card.  And echecks are a great alternative payment payment method to offer customers that don't have cards or are maxed out on cards.  

More than 30% of internet sites already offer echecks at checkout.  Don't risk losing a sale to your competitors simply because you don't accept checks online on your checkout page.

Businesses in all types of industries can obtain electronic check processor accounts.  Including business classified as high risk merchants.  

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