Guaranteed Payments with No Risk

Secure vault is a new online payment option that is added to the checkout page on your website.  Customers pay you from their checking or savings accounts without revealing any financial information on your website.  Secure vault is the only internet payment option that gives you real time authorization, guaranteed funds and lightning quick settlement for ACH transactions.

Safe Payment for Secure Online Shopping

Nearly 50% of internet shoppers are worried about privacy and ID theft.  Many people dislike revealing financial information to merchants.  Fear keeps some internet users from purchasing online.

Secure vault payments alleviates shoppers’ concerns by providing buyers a safe payment method that does not require any disclosure of personal data, ensuring security for internet purchases.  It offers shoppers the ultimate protection for online purchases.  Secure vault is similar to a cash transaction for merchants.

Advantages of Secure Vault Payments

  • Guaranteed funds with rapid settlement increases cash flow. Real time authorization of payment enables fast delivery of goods and services.
  • Safe payment method enhances customer trust. Easy to use.  No registration needed.  No financial information revealed to merchants.  Builds customer trust which means more sales for you.
  • Bank security eliminates fraud and safeguards your business. Eliminates chargebacks, declines, and NSF.
  • Capture new sales from shoppers who do not want to reveal financial information when buying online. Protects customers’ privacy and security, resulting in more orders.
  • Saves money on payment processing compared to credit cards.  Valuable payment option for merchants in higher risk categories such as travel, financial services, electronics, jewelry, collectibles, ticket sales, and more.
  • Get Rid of Fraud. Secure online payments are authorized via a real time bank response.  Virtually eliminates fraud since the the bank authenticates the consumer prior to authorizing the sale.

Safest Way to Pay.  More Orders for You.

At checkout on your website, customers choose “Secure Vault Payments” as the purchase method.  Customers pick their online bank from a drop-down menu and are automatically directed to the bank’s website to login.

Customers immediately see the details of the sale displayed on their online bank site and authorize the purchase. Customers are automatically directed back to your website where a purchase receipt is displayed for printing.

You receive a real time authorization that payment has been made.  Goods and services can immediately be fulfilled.  You receive settlement funds via an ACH credit from the consumer’s bank in 24-48 hours.

Reduce Compliance Costs with Secure Online Payments

Secure vault payments eliminate the burden of collecting, storing and protecting consumer and bank information.  Safe payment is made directly from the consumer’s bank which authenticates the buyer during the transaction and informs the merchant of authorization.

More Payment Options Equal More Profits

Payment alternatives such as secure vault payments and electronic checks account for 30% of all internet purchases.  The more ways customers have to pay you, the more sales you will get.

Adding secure vault and echecks as alternative payments is easy to do.  A single plug-in gives you access to both payment options.  Merchants that accept 3 payment options at checkout realize a 12% increase in sales compared to merchants that only accept cards.

  • Get More Orders
  • Guaranteed Payments with No Risk
  • Safest Way to Accept Payment Online
  • Receive Your Money Faster
  • Quick Account Approval
  • $0 Setup

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