Posted by NationalACH on Aug 04, 2013

Want an easy way to increase sales 8-30%?    And save money on payment processing costs?  Simply add echecks as a payment option to your checkout page.

Get More Orders

Electronic checks give customers another way to buy from you.  Obviously, the more ways customers have to pay you, the more sales you will make.

The Federal Reserve  reports than 27% of Americans do not have credit cards.  Yet more than 90% of US households have bank accounts and can make purchases with electronic checks.

Moreover, many Americans with cards are either near or at their limits.  When a card sale is denied, offer the buyer the opportunity to pay with an electronic check instead.  You’ll be amazed at the number of sales you’ll capture that otherwise would be lost.

Reduced Risk for You

Credit card transactions have a higher risk of contingent liabilities for merchants than do electronic check transactions. 

Customers can chargeback a credit card transaction for up 180 days after a purchase is made.  Yet, with echecks, a consumer has only 60 days to revoke a transaction.  And for business-to-business transactions, the buyer has only 3 days to revoke a transaction.

It’s also more difficult to revoke an electronic check transaction than a credit card transaction.  For card payments, customers are able to call their card issuing bank to initiate a chargeback.  The issuing bank usually takes the side of the consumer against the merchant.  However, to revoke a check transaction, a consumer often has to swear out an affidavit to chargeback a transaction, a more challenging and time consuming process.

Competitive Advantage

Online shoppers have virtually unlimited sites from which to buy goods and services.   After all the time and effort you spend trying to get buyers to visit your site, it is a shame to loss a sale because you don’t offer an alternative way to pay.

With a fast click of a mouse, you can lose a sale to your competitors who offer echecks as a payment option if you don’t.


Alternative payment methods such as electronic checks are among the fastest growing sources of increased revenues for internet merchants.  With rates lower than credit card processing.  

However your customers want to pay you, make it easy by accepting their preferred method of payment.

Do you want to accept checks?  Contact info@nationalach today.