Posted by NationalACH on Jun 09, 2010

High risk ACH and Check 21 merchant accounts reduce processing risk with online signature capture program for electronic checks. 

The advantage of obtaining a signature for a high risk ACH or Check 21 transaction is a great reduction in the number of consumer revokes or returns.  With online signature capture, customers can no longer assert that they did not authorize the transaction, which gives merchants powerful protection.

Online signature capture is accomplished by using a computer mouse to "sign" for the transaction.  At the point of checkout, a visual of a check is displayed and the consumer signs to authorize the transaction.  A copy of the the signed check serves as a receipt to the consumer.

A signed transaction is considered to be a more binding authorization than simply clicking on a button to confirm a payment.  The signature is not as pretty as an signature on a check because the mouse is not as easily manipulated as a pen.  

Still, banks uphold the check as a signed transaction with a great more weight than a simple electronic transaction without a signature.  

Very beneficial for high risk merchants.

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