Posted by NationalACH on Jan 18, 2010

NACHA is the rules governing organization for the ACH network. The organization has been receiving reports about a scam being perpetuated that consumers and businesses must avoid.

The scam is a classic phishing scheme. Emails are sent to both individuals and companies that appear to have been sent by NACHA. But, the emails are fraudulent since NACHA never sends out such transmissions.

The title of the email is “Rejected ACH Transaction.” The body of the email has a link to a website that looks like the NACHA site but is a fake site. When the recipient clicks on the link, a virus with malware is downloaded to the unsuspecting victim’s computer.

Once downloaded, malware can be used to silently invade the victim’s computer and steal passwords and logins into online banking sites. Malware can also be used to track key strokes and allow hackers to login to the online bank sites by taking over the computer system without the knowledge of the user.

Once malware infects a computer, special software is necessary to remove the code. Or, the entire system may need to be cleaned and reinstalled. Businesses and consumers must always be sure to have the most current versions of anti-virus software installed and keep them automatically updated. Operating systems and software applications security patches should also be updated automatically.