Posted by NationalACH on Jun 08, 2010

Don't Lose Out to Your Competition

I was shopping for a gift to send out to my mother this week. 

Like most web shoppers, I surfed from site to site looking for the perfect gift.  Once I found out what I wanted to buy, I again searched from site to site to find the lowest price on the item.

Finally I found the site that I wanted to buy the item from. I put it in the shopping cart and headed to the checkout page.

And was shocked to find out could not buy the product. The reason?  I wanted to pay by electronic check rather than credit card. And the merchant did not accept checks online.  

In going down my list of the four other sites that had the product, there was one site where I was able to pay by check.  Needless to say, this is the site from which I bought the product.

Millions Pay with Electronic Checks

How many shoppers are there like me that want to pay by check but find they cannot buy because the merchant does not accept checks online?

It amazes me that in these days when so much has been written about the value of having multiple payment options, merchants still don't offer alternative payments like echecks.

Of course credit and debit cards and most popular way of paying online.  Yet, many shoppers prefer to pay with an echeck rather than a check.  Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods & services online with electronic checks.

How much money are you throwing away because you are not accepting checks online?

Reasons Buyers Choose Echecks

  • Echecks are the most popular alternative payment method.  Some shoppers simply prefer echecks over cards
  • No cards. Amazingly, 30% of Americans do not have cards. Yet 95% of US households have a bank account and can pay with an electronic check
  • Of those with cards, 1 in 4 have maxed out cards. With no more available credit on cards, echecks provide another way to complete the sale.


If you do not accept checks online, you are losing losing sales. 

The site that I went to originally to buy my mom's gift will never see me again. There are too many other places I could buy the product. 

That merchant lost the sale for this order. And future orders from me.

The merchant didn't accept the payment method I preferred.  But their competitor did.  And that's where I'm shopping now.

Do you want to accept checks online to increase sales & profits?

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