Posted by NationalACH on Jan 16, 2012

Get More Sales with Alternative Payments

Global ecommerce is booming.  Riding the trend to success depends on having the right payment options at checkout.

In fact, studies show that that not seeing a preferred payment method at checkout leads to shopping cart abandonment.  If you do not have alternative payment options on your site, you are losing sales. 

It's simple.  The more ways customers have to pay you, the more sales you make.

Alternative Payments for International Shoppers

Naturally, present the payment page in local currency and in the native language of the shopper.

At checkout, offer shoppers card payments. Plus the favored localized payment methods often preferred over cards.

In Europe, local bank transfers are popular. Europeans commonly prefer to pay with a local bank transfer rather than a card. And bank transfers are similar to a cash payment, with little risk of a disputed transaction.

Asian debit cards are popular throughout that region. The most popular card in Asia is China Union Pay.

In Brazil, localized payment options are the preferred way to pay for internet purchases.  Most Brazilian credit cards cannot be used for cross-border transactions.  Offering alliterative payments is the best way to get sales from this rapidly emerging market of web-savvy consumers.

Alternative Payments for US Shoppers

In the US, electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method. More than 30% of US ecommerce sites accept checks online.  

International companies are also targeting the lucrative US market. To capture more sales from US shoppers, offer an echeck payment option at checkout. Merchants report sales lifts of up to 20% when they accept checks online.

Get more sales from shoppers that don't have cards or are maxed out on cards. And many Americans simply prefer to pay with an electronic check instead of a card.

If a card declines, offer an electronic check payment option instead. You'll capture sales that otherwise would be lost. Increasing customer satisfaction. While boosting your profits. 


The more ways customers can pay you at checkout, the more sales you make. Alternative payments are growing faster than card payments.

To capture sales from international shoppers, offer local bank transfers. And other alternative payments preferred within the region you are targeting.

To get more orders from US buyers, accept checks online. Electronic checks are regularly used by millions of Americans to make purchases online.

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