Posted by NationalACH on Oct 23, 2012


Ecommerce merchants are seeing outstanding opportunities in the global market.  Expansion of targeted markets to include international buyers represents one of the greatest profit initiatives available today,

In spite of weaker economies and financial issues, the chance to get new sales from emerging and established countries is too powerful to ignore.  There is pent-up demand for US products and smart ecommerce merchants are answering the call by aggressively courting global buyers.

Online retailers of fashion have been one of the quickest to jump on the international bandwagon.  US apparel has tremendous appeal and cache world-wide.

TommyBahama has gotten strong reception with buyers in the UK and Australia as well as Scandinavia, Germany and Japan.  And reports that international online orders are 3 times the size of domestic ones.  Retailer JCrew has also expanded international sales to over 100 countries to great success.

International Markets with Greatest Immediate Opportunity

Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Canada represent low-hanging fruits for companies that want to expand internationally.  Europe is the second largest ecommerce market.  Brazil’s prosperity and growing middle-class makes it one of the fastest expanding and largest emerging markets in the world.

Obtaining reliable payment options is a crucial part of squeezing as much profit as possible out of international orders.  In many countries, credit card penetration is low.  Cards are not the first choice of payment when purchasing online.

In Europe, Australia, Canada and Brazil, bank transfers are a popular and accepted method of paying for online purchases.  Bank transfers represent one of the safest and most reliable payments for merchants.

How Bank Transfers Work

A bank transfer is a “push payment”.

At point of checkout, the buyer choses to pay with a bank transfer and selects the bank from a drop down menu.  The buyer is sent to the online bank site where the buyer logs in to his or her account.

The prepopulated form from the merchant is automatically displayed.  The buyer choses which account to make a payment from.  The merchant is informed that the payment has been made.  The buyer receives a receipt by email.

The buyer is then redirected back to the merchant’s site.


The biggest benefit to you from accepting bank transfers is that the payment is guaranteed.  There is no risk of chargebacks.  Once you are informed that payment has been made, the product or service can be fulfilled.

This makes the payment option hugely popular not only for standard risk but also for high risk merchants.  For example, travel, digital content, downloads, online entertainment, money transfer services, multi-level marketing (MLM), and merchants selling pre-paid cards find the payment option extraordinarily effective.

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