Posted by NationalACH on Mar 12, 2010

An international payment via ACH refers to a credit or debit entry that with a financial entity located outside of the jurisdiction of the US.

Typical uses for international ACH are:

  1. Payroll.  For example, a US or multinational company has employees working and living offshore.  The US companies sends an ACH file to the domestic bank with which it does business.   The file is transmitted to the international branch of the US bank which then credits the employee’s accounts with their payroll, via international direct deposit.
  2. Vendor Payments.   A U.S.-domiciled company is a subsidiary of an offshore multinational corporation The parent company has centralized many of the global treasury, functions of its global subsidiaries in a location outside of the US.  Vendors are paid from the international company headquarters.
  3. International Remittance.  For example, sending money to family members located outside of the US.
  4. Pensions. A US company makes payments to retirees living outside of the US.


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