Posted by NationalACH on May 23, 2011

Echecks Trusted by Buyers

One of the most common questions asked by merchants who are thinking about adding electronic check processing is:  “Will my customers use it?”  The answer to that question is “Absolutely yes.”

Consumer use of echecks for online payments is greater than ever before and continues to soar. Among the driving forces increasing customer acceptance of echecks for internet transactions is the rapid rise in online bill payments.

More than 65 million Americans pay bills online . Echecks are the preferred method of payment.  Consumers, already habituated to paying bills online, are comfortable using an electronic check to pay for purchases online.

Adding echecks to an ecommerce checkout page extends this familiar and trusted payment method to your site. And takes advantage of habitual consumer behavior when making purchases online.  Resulting in more sales to you.

27% of Shoppers don't have Cards

According to the Federal Reserve 27% of U.S households do not have credit cards.   They may not have credit cards, but what about debit cards?  Research by Javelin and PULSE reveal that about the same percentage of Americans don’t have debit cards either.

Without a credit or debit card, how are these shoppers going to make a purchase from an ecommerce site?  Clearly, if you offer only cards as a payment option, 27% of shoppers will be unable to make a purchase from the your site.

That’s a lot of potential orders to throw away.  And a lot of revenue unnecessarily lost.

Stand Out from the Crowd

About 30% of online merchants currently offer echecks on checkout pages.  This gives you a great opportunity to stand apart from the crowd and gain an advantage over your competition.

But, this competitive edge won’t last long.  The number of internet sites adding echecks is rapidly expanding as companies realize that the payment option reduces shopping cart abandonment.

In a comScore survey “Couldn’t find preferred pay option” was reported  by 24% percent of respondents as a “very important” reason for abandoning shopping  carts.

Sad to lose sales because you don’t offer echecks, isn’t it?  Especially when echecks are the preferred method of payment for millions of American online shoppers.


Electronic check processing gives you access to millions of US shoppers who do not have or do not use cards when buying online. Almost all of these shoppers have bank accounts and can pay you with an echeck.

Offering alternative payments methods such as echecks is an effective way to expand your market, improve customer satisfaction and reduce shopping cart abandonment.  All of which adds profits to your bottom line.

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