Posted by NationalACH on Aug 27, 2010

Accept Checks Online to Increase Sales

Electronic checks are used by millions of US shoppers to purchase goods & services online. More than 30% of online retail sites offer echecks as a payment option at checkout.

When you accept checks online, you get orders from shoppers who prefer to pay with an echeck rather than a card. And, if a card is declined, electronic checks give customers another way to pay you.

How Echecks Integrate with Your Site

Integration of electronic checks with your website is easy.

You receive an API (Application Program Interface) which integrates with your website and is tied into "back-end" processing software. The API provides a secure connection through which on-line merchants submit transactions. The systems communicate with the processing system using an XML/SOAP interface.

Once the consumer enters payment information, transmissions are encrypted and sent through the secure ACH Network to the Federal Reserve Bank. There is an immediate record of who initiated the payment transmission and of the account that received the payment in accordance with the agreement and authorization between the customer and the business.

You have a “dashboard” through which you can view transactions, create reports, and modify the parameters of the systems.  Online reporting is included free.  You can search, sort, and track the status of any transaction.  A large variety of reports are readily available to provide data to management.

Echeck files are uploaded to be processed in batches.  Most merchants automate the procedure and no manual intervention is required.

Settlement of funds into your depository account is generally 3 days for standard risk merchants, 7 days for high risk merchants.


Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for US buyers. The more ways customers can pay you, the more sales you make.

Integration of echecks to your website is through an API interface. Making it simple for you to quickly add electronic check processing to your site.

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