Posted by NationalACH on Jan 06, 2021
Echecks and ACH Payment Processing

Adding echecks as a payment option at checkout is the fastest way to increase profits with no additional effort.  The more ways customers can pay you, the more sales you make.

What are Echecks?

ACH Payment Processing
ACH Payment Processing

Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers.  Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods and services with direct debits from bank accounts rather than cards.

Echecks and ACH are both used to process payments from bank accounts.   The difference between the two is how the transactions are processed on the back end.

With ACH, bank debits are processed through the ACH network.  While the ACH network is not yet “real time” same day ACH debits are now available.   Physical products can be shipped faster.  And digital products can be fulfilled quickly.

Although ACH is often used as a synonym for echecks, not all echecks are processed through the ACH network.   Echecks can also be cleared though the merchants’ own bank accounts.  Rather than depositing paper checks, the echeck processor sends an electronic file with the deposit information to the merchant’s bank. 

Superior Echeck Verification Protects Ecommerce Merchants

Technical advancements on how ACH and echecks are processed eliminates the issues previously associated with accepting the payment method for ecommerce. 

Ecommerce merchants now can instantly authenticate bank accounts and verify funds in the account.  Greatly reducing the risk of fraud. 

The amount of money in the bank account is instantly verified, in real time.  This lets you know that there is enough money to cover the amount of the transaction. 

Funds are debited from the bank account very fast. Substantially reducing the risk of returns for non-sufficient funds.   

Although money is not “frozen” for the transaction, as with card payments, the verification of available funds is faster and more reliable than any other form of check verification.   Many other echeck providers simply confirm there are “positive funds” in an account but do not give you access to the amount.

Reasons Ecommerce Merchants Add Echecks as Payment Method

The more ways customers can pay you, the more sales you make. 

  • Save money on processing. There is no “interchange” associated with echecks as there is with cards.  Saving you 50-80% on processing echecks compared to cards.
  • Echecks give customers another way to pay you. Capture orders from customers that do not have cards, are maxed out on cards, or who simply prefer to pay you with a debit from a bank account rather than a card.
  • Take orders any way you want. Accept echecks online by integrating payments to your website.  Accept phone orders or input mail orders using a virtual terminal, included with all accounts.
  • Advanced verification. Instantly verify there is money in the account to cover the transaction amount. Also verifies routing / account numbers, history on account and 40 other data points to protect your business against fraud, returns, and revokes.   
  • Echecks are great for recurring billing. Bank accounts rarely change.  There is no need to update payment information.  Recurring payments continue without interruption.
  • Gain a competitive edge. Echecks are the most popular alternative online payment method for US shoppers.  Make it easy for customers to buy from you by accepting multiple payment options at checkout.  Do not risk losing a sale to your competitors simply because they offer a payment option you do not.
  • Not able to get a card account? Echcks are the answer.  Some industries find it difficult to obtain card processing accounts.  Echecks give you a proven successful method of accepting payments online. 


The more ways customers can buy from you, the more sales you make.  For ecommerce merchants, accepting echecks is simply good business.  Let your customers pay you any way they want.  And watch your sales grow.

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