Posted by NationalACH on Jul 23, 2010

Merchants that accept electronic checks realize significant advantages:

  • Increase sales.  Providing multiple payment options results in a sales lift for each from each option.  When a merchant offers electronic checks in addition to cards, sales increase up to 29%.
  • Decrease processing costs.  Echeck processing is much less expensive than card processing costs.  Save 50-80% or more with electronic check processing compared to cards.
  • Customer convenience.  Buyers expect to be able to pay with electronic checks.  Consumers have grown used to paying bills via the ACH processing network.  They now expect all merchants to accept electronic check payments.
  • Rescue lost orders. If a card order is declined, merchants that electronic checks online can offer the buyer another way to pay.  Echecks gives you a way to save sales that otherwise would be lost.

Other benefits of electronic check processing includes reduction of administrative costs, greater productivity, easier bookkeeping, and enhanced security.

The following factors determine electronic check payment processing rates:

  • How many transactions will the merchant accept checks online for?  The higher the volume, the lower the processing fees.
  • Will the merchant accept checks online for high risk products or services?  Higher risk merchants pay more for echeck processing than low risk merchants.  But electronic checks will always be less expensive than card processing.
  • Underwriting criteria. Electronic processing is available for merchants in all industry types, including high risk merchants.


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