Posted by NationalACH on Aug 16, 2020
High Ticket Merchant Account

No one can deny the difficulty of running a business, but if you are a high ticket merchant, it is exponentially harder for you. Here is a comprehensive guide that entails all that you need to know about high ticket merchant accounts, the setbacks, and the solutions.

Who is a High Ticket Merchant?

If your business deals with pricey products and offers goods and services worth more than $500, then you classify as a high ticket merchant. Businesses can be affiliated with any industry but commonly include collectibles, furniture, coin dealers, travel, financial services, precious metal brokers, jewellery, electronics, luxury goods, and high-end fashion.

High Ticket Merchant Accounts — Choosing the Right Partner:

Your high ticket merchant account is key to your business financial success. Reliable payment processing is the key element to your cash flow and the lifeblood of your profits. Therefore, you must choose the absolute best service provider for you. With its unmatched services and reliability, and years of experience, is at the top of the list for the speed and ease with which you can get and manage your account.


High Ticket Merchant Account
High Ticket Merchant Account

Submit an application with all the necessary supporting documents to get started. The required documents include a driver’s license, voided check from the bank to which you want processing funds to settle, bank, business bank statements, processing statements, and business formation documents. Yes, it really is that simple!


It usually takes 1 to 3 business days to get an account approval, after which your merchant identification number (MID) is issued to you. Once your MID in issued, you can start processing immediately.

An important thing to keep in mind for the underwriting procedure is making your website compliant with the requirements of the card brands. Display products with good descriptions.  Show all pricing clearly.  Show privacy, returns, shipping and other policies where they can be easily found.  Be sure all information is easily accessible and comprehensible. Show that your business has a strong foundation care and professional concern for your customers.


No system is without flaw. But there are certain hacks you can use to guarantee your account is being managed in the safest way possible. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Be as vigilant as you can when you are managing your account. Always know who your buyers are. Identity checks that don’t interfere with your sales are a great way to go.

Two major problems associated with high ticket merchants and their solutions:

There are many nuances to being a high ticket merchant, and in today’s competitive market, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Here are two of the most commonly occurring problems and how a smart high ticket merchant should deal with them.

Potential Banks

As a high ticket merchant, you might have a difficult time finding acquiring banks open to processing high volume, hight ticket sales. Due to the risk factors associated with high ticket sales, not all acquiring banks accept high ticket merchants. This can make it challenging to find acquiring banks willing to take on your business.

How to tackle this:

Work with high risk merchant account specialists.  Here you will find the expertise needed to determine which banks are the best fit for your business.  Saving you considerable time and effort. 

Chargebacks and Fraud:

Any online merchant is highly vulnerable to cybercrime. It doesn’t matter if it is someone using a fake credit card, or just a customer unjustly disputing a transaction. Still, high ticket merchants are particularly vulnerable to chargebacks.  And, since transactions sizes are large, a few chargebacks could cause your chargeback ratios to quickly exceed the amounts allowed by the card brands.  Chargebacks can cause incredible losses to businesses.  And can jeopardize your high ticket merchant accounts if left unchecked,

How to tackle this:

This is where the chargeback prevention services step in.  Deploy services like early warning chargeback notifications, 3D secure services, and chargeback mitigation services to arm yourself against chargebacks and frauds.

With these handy tips and tricks, you are ready to go out and conquer the world of business. Follow these, and you will find your business overcoming all the significant hindrances high ticket merchants have to face.

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