Posted by NationalACH on Aug 05, 2009

Make It Easy for Customers to Pay You

These days, it’s amazing that some companies still do not provide customers a way to pay bills online. 

Are you a company that bills consumers?  Make it easy for people to pay you by adding a “pay your bill” button to your website.

Paying through a Bank Account

There are two ways customers pay bill remotely.  First is through their online bank account. 

The customer logs in, goes to bill pay, selects the name of the company to pay and authorizes the payment.  The bank will either send the payment electronically or will send out a check to the biller.

Online bill payments through banks have some proponents.  But, it hasn’t taken off as some expected it would do. 

One of the reasons is that banks may charge for the service.  For example, my bank, a major US financial institution, charges $6 per month for online bill pay.

A Better Way to Get Paid

The second way people pay online is electronic bill pay via ACH payments at your’ website. 

If you have no way for a customer to pay directly on your site, how is a customer going to make an electronic payment?

It’s a simple matter to add bill payment to your website. For improved account receivables collections, add a “pay your bill here” button to your site today.


No matter how your customers want to pay you, be sure are equipped to take the payments.  Offer multiple payment options, including credit cards along with ACH and electronic checks and get your money faster.

Are you an online biller that wants to add echecks to your website? 

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