Posted by NationalACH on Jun 01, 2010

Do Buyers Really Use Electronic Checks?

Merchants are sometimes skeptical when told that echecks or electronic checks can boost sales up to 29%. 

After all, the merchants say, doesn't everybody have a debit card?  Why would anybody chose to use an electronic check instead?

Limitations of Debit Cards

Naturally, most Americans with checking accounts do have debit cards.  But, debit cards have limitations when buying online.

One of the most striking limitations comes when purchasing higher ticket items.

In order to prevent fraud, many issuing banks put limitations on the amount of purchase made on a debit card.  For instance, it is not unusual for a card to have limits of $300-500 per transaction.  In order to get a higher limit approved, the consumer has to call their issuing bank to get approval.

For merchants selling higher ticket items, offering electronic checks as a payment option is an important way to increase sales.  Direct debit from a bank account is not subject to the limitations of a debit card.  Consumers can pay you with an electronic check quickly and easily.

If a debit card is denied because of limitations on transaction size, or if a credit card is declined for any reason, smart merchants immediately offer electronic checks as a payment alternative. 

Boosting sales by capturing orders that otherwise would have been lost.

Shoppers Expect to Pay with Echecks

Alternative payments such as electronic checks are used in up to to 30% of all internet sales.

Surprisingly, many Americans do not have cards. And of those who do have cards, 25% are maxed out on cards. Echecks give these shoppers another way to buy from you

And, some shoppers simply prefer to pay with electronic checks rather than cards.  

Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for US consumers.  Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods & services online with echecks.  


If you do not accept checks online, you risk losing sales to your competitors that do. Echecks are a familiar and trusted payment method for US shoppers. 

Remember, the more payment methods you accept at checkout, the more sales you make.

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