Posted by NationalACH on Oct 05, 2015

Accept Echecks to Boost Sales

The more ways your customers can pay you, the more sales you make.   Echecks are the the most popular alternative payment method for US online shoppers.   Adding echecks to your checkout page is one of the easiest ways to get more orders.  

E Check Payments Increase Orders

Traditionally, credit cards have represented the most commonly used method of payment for US shoppers purchasing online.   Yet, echecks are increasing in popularity, with more than 30% of internet sites offering electronic checks as payment option at checkout.  

It is no longer enough to offer only cards as a payment option on your website. In order to gain an edge over your competition, it is necessary to diversify the available payment options so your customers can pay you any way they prefer.  

If you do not offer echecks, you are losing sales from customers that do not have cards, are maxed out on cards, or who simply prefer to pay you with a direct debit from a bank account.  Merchants that accept echecks report sales boosts of up to 20% when adding echecks as a payment option.

Echecks are processed either through the ACH network or with Check 21 technology.  The user experience is the same.  Customers supply their bank routing and account numbers.  Payments are electronically debited from the customer's bank account and deposited into your account.

eCheck Benefits to You

  • Merchants who accept checks online report immediate sales "lifts" up to 20% after adding echecks at checkout.  Get sales from buyers who don't have cards, are maxed out on cards, or simply prefer to pay with an echeck.
  • Reduced risk of chargebacks.  Credit card payments can be charged back up to 6 months after the transaction.   The chargeback risk for echecks is only 40-60 days.  And it is much more difficult to charge back an echeck transaction than a card payment.
  • If a card payment declines, offer an electronic check payment option and rescue the sale.
  • Echeck account processing is easier to establish than card processing. And often has lower rates

Merchants that rely on monthly subscriptions to ensure service continuity for their customers can use the recurring billing feature of ACH echecks and Check 21 echeck payments. As opposed to card information, bank account details rarely change, so the success rate of recurring electronic check transactions is much higher than with recurring credit card transactions.

High-risk merchants will find electronic check payments even more advantageous, as credit card payments are becoming notoriously difficult to get, particularly for those industries that are targeted by regulators. Even if service is eventually provided, the processing costs and fees will be high, and the payment processor can suspend the merchant account if it decides to apply more stringent underwriting rules.

Growth of Echecks for Online Payments

The popularity of ACH payments is reflected in the quarterly reports released by the National Automated Clearing House Association – the body that controls and regulates the entire ACH network. In April, 2015, NACHA announced that the overall transaction volume for 2014 increased by 5 percent compared with that of 2013. Given the fact that faster, same-day ACH settlement is just around the corner, the transaction volume that goes through the ACH network will surely preserve, possibly accelerate its upward trend.

Many customers prefer to pay via electronic checks.  The payment method is familiar and card information is not required. Data breaches are so common today that some customers are reluctant to purchase online with cards.

In addition, there are many instances when buyers simply prefer to pay with an echeck.  Or must use an echeck if they do not have a card or are maxed out on the card.  Under these circumstances, the availability of echeck payments on the your website becomes not only desirable, but necessary for the transaction to take place.

Americans are comfortable paying with echecks online.  Most US households already pay monthly bills the internet Echecks are a trusted method to pay for goods & services online. 


Offering echecks as an alternative payment option for your customers is a fast and easy way to get more sales.  And reduce your risks of chargebacks.  

Rates for echecks are generally substantially lower than for card processing. Accounts are easier to get approved. And chargeback periods are substantially reduced.    

Safe, affordable, and easily accessible, echeck payments are a must for any merchant that wishes to be competitive in today’s market.  Electronic checks are regularly used by millions of Americans to purchase goods and services. 

E check payments are convenient for customers.  And profitable for you.

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