Posted by NationalACH on Mar 18, 2011

Electronic Checks Get You More Orders

Offering electronic checks as a payment option is an easy way to increase sales 8-20%.   Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment option on the internet.  Merchants that accept echecks at checkout capture sales  from shoppers who do not have credit cards, are maxed out on cards or who prefer to to make payment from a bank account.

Echecks are a form of electronic funds transfer.  With echecks, funds are debited from the buyer’s bank account automatically deposited to the seller’s checking account.  Accepting e-checks is fast, safe and inexpensive.

Business Case for E-Checks

The business case for accepting electronic check payments is simple to understand.  Consider these facts:

  • Nearly 75% of all non-cash payments in America are paid by checks.


  • More than 70 million adult Americans do not have a credit card.  Echecks give these consumers an alternative way to pay for purchases online or with a check by phone.
  • 23% of all American households don’t trust credit cards or can’t qualify for one.



  • More than 90% of American households have a bank account.

Increasingly Americans are using electronic checks to pay for purchases online.  The payment option has a high degree of consumer acceptance.  Most US consumers are accustomed to paying utility and household bills online with an electronic check or through a monthly ACH debit of a bank account.   Echecks on an ecommerce site gives customers a familiar way to pay.


Another factor in the growth of e-checks as an alternative payment option is the tightening of credit markets due to the recent economic downturn.  In addition to having less credit available, consumers are looking for ways to trim expenses.  Paying with echecks eliminates any risk to credit rating, avoids potential finance charges and helps consumers maintain control over finances.

Benefits of Echecks to Merchants


  • Echecks expand payment options for multiple sales channels.  For example, merchants can accept checks online or take a check by phone.
  • Echecks save merchants money on payment processing.   Rates for electronic checks are much lower than credit card payment processing.
  • Merchants offering echecks capture additional sales from consumers who do not have cards and expect an alternative way to pay.
  • E-checks are the modern replacement for paper checks.
  • Highly effective for recurring payments and subscription billing, echecks give merchants an easy to stabilize recurring billing cash flows.
  • Consumers use check by phone to avoid late fees on bill payments.  Accepting a check by phone is an effective method reduce account receivables payment times with no more excuses about the “the check is in the mail.”

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