Posted by NationalACH on Oct 04, 2011

Accept Checks Online to Boost Sales

Online adult merchant accounts with echecks provide you an important payment option to boost revenues, decrease payment processing expenses, and capture new orders. 

The addition of echecks as an alternative payment method to cards increases sales up to 30%.  Capture orders from buyers who do not have a cards, are maxed out on cards, or simply prefer to pay with an electronic check.

Electronic checks are especially beneficial for adult businesses that have a recurring payment or subscription billing model.  Shoppers are used to to paying for entertainment such as TV and interent subscriptions with  electronic checks.  Offering  echecks as a payment option for recurring billing on an  an adult merchant site capitalizes on engrained buying habits.

How Echecks Work on Adult Merchant Sites

Electronic check processing lets buyers purchase with funds from a bank account rather than paying with a card. 

At checkout, the buyer enters the routing and account number of the account.  The money is debited from the buyer’s account and automatically credited to your business bank account.  The buyer receives an email receipt confirming the transaction is complete.

Electronic checks can be processed through the ACH payments network.  Or through Check 21 technology.  Both are good solutions for adult merchants.

Increase Sales with Electronic Checks

Adult merchants often wonder if consumers will purchase using echecks.  After all, aren’t credit cards the most common way of making a purchase through an adult merchant account website?  

Although credit cards are certainly important, businesses that implement an adult merchant account with echecks are surprised to discover how much new business is obtained with the payment option.

Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for internet shoppers. Millions of Americans purchase goods & services online with echecks.  


More than 1 in 4 Americans do not have credit cards.  Among those who do have cards, 25% are either maxed out on credit or close to being so.  If you do not accept checks online, you are losing sales.

More than 90% of US households have checking or savings accounts. When you accept echecks, you gain access to millions of buyers who can purchase with echecks but cannot purchase with credit cards.

Interested in increasing your profits with echecks?